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Mp3 Rocket Pro Verses Free Mp3 Rocket

Mar 14, 2008
MP3 Rocket is designed for everyone. It has simple control and simple features that are easy to use. When the MP3 Rocket program first opens it provides a tip box. This tip box offers helpful tips and advice on using the MP3 Rocket program. It is a great tool for beginners. It can be turned off, though, with a simple click for someone who does not need it.

Usually with peer to peer file sharing programs the creators will make a free and a paid version. In many cases the free version is loaded with annoying extras that can hinder the program and that are justified because they help to pay for the program so it can be free to users. MP3 Rocket offers both a paid and free version, but the difference is not as clear as with other programs.

MP3 Rocket's free version and Pro versions are almost identical. The main differences that can be noted are that the Pro version runs faster with faster downloads. It has a stronger search function that will bring up more results and it offer email support.

In addition, the Pro version does not have the window pop up at the initialization of the program. It also does not have the advertising banner that runs at the top of the screen. The Pro version allows for customization, too. It lets users download skins and themes to make there MP3 Rocket screen look the way they want.

In general, though, the MP3 Rocket free program is fast and effective. The advertising and the pop up reminder window are not that annoying. In fact the pop up window disappears with a simple click of the mouse and the advertising is confined to a small area at the top of the window. Most people will be able to get past this and find the free version to be a good choice.

The Pro version is available for a small fee. The fee is a one time payment and allows lifetime access to the Pro version.

As far as download speeds, the free version downloads quite quickly with the average song downloading in one minute. The Pro version has faster speeds, if users desire more power.

Other peer to peer programs seem like they try to make their free version as slow and with such annoying features that people are almost forced to upgrade to get a usable program. MP3 Rocket is not like that at all. In fact, it seems that they are providing the best possible experience with the free version, so they give users the option of a Pro version, not force them into it.

When it comes to comparing the MP3 rocket free and Pro versions, there really is not a clear recommendation. Most users will find the free version to be fine for them. The Pro version allows for more customization and faster speeds which some people may find to be more to their liking. Making the choice is really a personal decision because both versions are effective and good quality.
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