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The Home Business Marketing Adventure

Mar 14, 2008
Running a home business is something millions of people want to do, but only a few truly succeed at. What is their secret? There are a few tips for ensuring a home-based business will not fade into oblivion.

It is important to note that one of the most important actions you can take to help your success is to start a web site. A web site introduces a company to new clients and gives those who are curious a platform to view the company. Then your visitors see why they should invest in your products or services.

Next, determine your niche. You start your website development with a concept or theme in a particular market niche, a subject you are passionate about, a subject you believe you can make into a business. Then, find a marketing agenda that best suits your product or service and start looking at your marketing options.

For many home businesses a great response is generated through ad campaigns. This is a simple way of getting the word out about your product or service. Take ads out through classifieds, banners or in periodicals or newspapers. It may be a publication from a rival business that will likely bring the most success. Those successful enough to have their own e-zine will have an established base of readers and subscribers. This is a benefit, and as you develop your website, you should focus your attention on building a subscribers list.

For any ad, learn what to place within the allotted space. Some publications online may prohibit animated banner ads and that is a benefit. Many web surfers automatically draw negative assumptions about a company from annoying flashing ads.

Classified ads are organized by lines. Ads are given a certain number of lines with a certain number of characters per line. Make an impact within that space. Use free classified listings available online. This gives a good idea of what draws responses and what doesn't.

A banner ad online is priced based on size and placement on the page. If possible, self-design your ads; this can greatly reduce your marketing overhead.

Article marketing is a great way of letting people know about your product or service by offering free content related to your product or service. Join a marketing distribution service and compose regular articles on relevant topics. For example, if a business pertains to camping equipment, submit articles about the best camping sites around the country.

The reason article marketing is popular is the mutual benefit to all involved. The writer is allowed an "author resource box," to place links, credentials and a sentence or two about the author. Other webmasters, in turn, receive free content to use as much as they like, so long as the article and author's information remain intact.

Blogs are another avenue of promotion that a home-based business benefits from. Post information on the company, product, sales events and latest news. Many people find it very interesting to see what happens behind-the-scenes at their favorite web sites. Use blogs to build an email list and build your web site link popularity.

Email marketing is a great tool for getting information about your products out there, but it should be done appropriately. Reserve this for your subscription list. Many "mailing list," companies are often seen as tools for spammers. By using such a list there is risk of being labeled a spammer and people will add that email address to their filter list. There are many companies online who will help build a subscription list. They have the tools to compose either plain text or HTML emails. HTML emails are nice to look at, but may be seen as spam and discarded.

Link building is another great tool, but also carries some rules. Build links by exchanging them with other webmasters. To be successful, the rules are simple. First, stay within areas similar to your own web site. Avoid link farms as they will cause the loss of status with search engines. Second, personalize requests to exchange links and be polite. Never demand that a webmaster link up with you. Limit links displayed to 25 per page. Lastly, never give another webmaster a "bait-and-switch." This is unfair and poor business practice. This is a habit many webmasters have of linking mutually, then deleting the outside link a short time later. Many webmasters keep up with their traffic and a sudden drop from any site will encourage them to examine and see why.

Social networking is another viable option to those with a home business to promote. Meet people in the same profession. This is one of the most beneficial aides to a business. Be open to new advice, tips, ideas and warnings. Networking with others is builds relationships that have an immense influence on the success of a business.

A home business is an exciting adventure, but it doesn't have to be frightening. The ease with which marketing is achieved today gives everyone an extra air of confidence when taking that first step. With the right organization and skills, your business will be as successful, but you will have to work hard and make the right choices.
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David Ogden is the editor for www.at-home-business-world.com, a resource website for good information about home business opportunities without all of the "Sales Hype." For more ideas, resources, and tools in starting your home business subscribe to the At Home Biz News: At Home Biz News
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