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The Ins And Outs Of Properly Managing an AdWords Campaign

Mar 14, 2008
It is not as easy as you may think to run a successful Adwords campaign. It is far more than just building a short ad around a keyword. There is no doubt that these 3 line ads do make money. However good management is the key.

You will need to compare bids, keep an eye on costs and sales Conversions. In this way you can make your campaign profitable and efficient. Remember flexibility is important, as you will need to have the ability to change ads fast.

The sooner you jump on the problems the better. When you fix up small problems you will stop them from getting bigger and costing you a lot of money. One of the most common mistakes Internet marketers make is to create an Adwords campaign and forget about it. This will spell disaster for your campaign and advertising budget.

Positioning your ad is one of the key factors in your Adwords campaign. You can determine your ads position by comparing it to your competitor's ads, using the same keyword. Of course frequently searched keywords can bring a lot of traffic and many, many search result pages. In order to get a reasonable amount of sales you will need to get a premium position.

The average searcher will not usually go beyond the first 5-10 pages. Therefore your ad must be positioned within these 5-10 pages to be effective. Always remember that there are many ads, using the same keywords that are competing against your ad. If there were no competitive ads for a keyword it would mean that that it is too obscure and would attract very few searches. The chances of a sale are high but cost of production would also be too high. In order to get a high position you will need to pay more for your clicks.

It takes some skill to bid correctly on a keyword. Two factors should be taken into consideration; how much money you can afford and how high your competitors are bidding for a particular keyword. Always remember that popular keywords and use of "Sponsored Links" will result in quite large numbers of wasted leads, as well as sales. Cost of click versus sales profits must be considered. You will need to assess how many clicks it takes to get a sale.

You will need to track how many sales and leads are being attracted by a particular ad. You will need to tweak your ad if it is just bringing clicks with no sales. Sometimes it will take just a small adjustment like changing the format of the ad or even the keyword. The important thing to remember is to pay attention to even the smallest details when managing a successful Adwords campaign.

Google provides you with excellent tools for tracking your ad. In fact if you sell your own products and services you can even track sales conversions from your campaign. With your keyword list in your campaign you can see exactly how many clicks each keyword is generating.

So consider these useful tips, when using Adwords. When you make the necessary effort to manage your campaigns efficiently you will not regret it. In this way you can make a winning campaign that will bring you profits for a long time to come.
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