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How To Manage Your Cash Flow

Mar 15, 2008
Cash flow? In an internet business? Surely when the money comes in you spend it, and when it doesn't you just count the days until it comes in again, right?

Although some internet marketers may run a part time internet business like this, if you are angling towards making money from the internet on a full time basis, then there is every need for you to treat it the same way you would any other type of business - and that is with a professional attitude.

One of the main advantages of running an online business is that you can start with very little in the way of money. It is also possible to start with nothing at all, especially as many affiliate schemes require nothing more than for you to sign up for free in order to get started. With many free methods of advertising available, you really don't need a penny to get started.

But what do you do when the money does start to come in? Apart from keeping accurate records of everything you earn - regardless of the amount, you'll need to declare it - you'll need to know what's going on at this base level in order to decide how to expand your business.

One of the main dangers for any internet business is not the fact that you might expand too slowly. In fact it's the opposite - there is a risk that you might expand too quickly. If you don't keep a proper track of any spending involved in buying products, buying stock, paying for advertising and so on, then you may overextend yourself and end up with debts and no cash to pay them with.

Any business is a balancing act between the incoming and the outgoing, and no matter how small your internet business might be this does apply to you as well. Even if you have only made a couple of affiliate sales so far, there is no telling how big or successful you may become in the future, so why not start out with good habits right now?

Get to know your cash flow month by month. Become familiar with how your sales tend to fluctuate during the year. Not only will you see how well you are performing as time goes by, you'll also see that there is a very close correlation between what you have coming in, and what you will see going out.

There is a very real urge to spend more on your business as more money comes in, and this is a very real need. After all, if you spend more on advertising you will reach more people.

Managing your cash flow effectively will enable you to get a much better idea of how your business is performing and how many sales you are making each month. It's not just a question of how much money you are making, it's a question of starting to see how you can develop your internet marketing into a full time concern that will enable you to give up your regular job forever.

Now doesn't the thought of looking at your cash flow suddenly seem rather more appealing?
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