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Make Money Using Paypal - Without Breaking The Law

Mar 15, 2008
Many people trying to make money using paypal get caught up in online scams and figure making money with Paypal in a legal way is impossible. To be successful, all you really need to do is focus on the real ways to make money, and avoid the scams.

There is a money making system that really works and brings money right into your Paypal account, legally. The system works like this:

1. Build a website. You build a website that sells something, and people find your site, get interested in what you have, and then order it. Your website is set up to accept payments using Paypal, and in a few minutes, you have a notification of a new payment, and the visitor has what you are selling, and both of you are very happy. To make a website that accepts paypal payments, you need to set it up in paypal, or use a script that sends emails and brings the buyer to the product page, but this is easy once you see it done.

2. Build An Email List. Create a way to capture contact information on the website you have built and start to build your email list. These are people that have given you permission to contact them via email with your offers.

3. Use An Autoresponder. Make sure this automated software will automatically send out your prewritten emails and sales pieces to your email list.

4. Create a Product. Create a product that solves a problem, answers a question, supplies a need, and will create a demand.

5. Get Traffic. Use a variety of methods to introduce traffic to your website and keep them coming. Of course, you want to make sure that this traffic is targeted. Targeted traffic means that the people reaching your website are there because they want what you have and have a specific need for it.

Once you do these 5 easy steps, you will begin to see money in your Paypal Account. The key is to do so in a legal manner and avoid the scams that are out there. These two scams only exist to cause trouble and steal your money, and are listed here so you can avoid them. The scams are:

1. $6 Scheme. You send $6 to some people, then they send $6 some others, so on and so forth, this is an illegal and big time scam, avoid it.

2. $10 Chain Email Scheme. This one is very similar to the first scam. You send some money for a report on how to make money, and the report tells you to sell the report and make money. There is no product involved other than the letter.

If you follow the 5 steps above, and avoid the two scams, you'll be getting daily paypal notifications in no time. Give it a try today.

Why not make money using Paypal legitimately? Why not create a product, some products do not take a great deal of money to create and start selling it while accepting Paypal as a method of payment. It really couldn't be easier or safer.
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