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The Effectiveness Of Auto-Responders As Marketing Tools

Mar 15, 2008
When your business is blooming, it's difficult to find the time each day to respond to every customer inquiry and manually email each customer a newsletter or other company information essential to keeping consumers informed and coming back to use your products or service. An auto-responder cannot only save time, but serve as a great marketing tool that works constantly, allowing you to focus on something else.

In the field of Internet marketing, there are not many tools that are as effective as the auto-responder. Any business owner who's goal is to increase the sales of their products can benefit by using auto-responders because they keep a customer satisfied until an employee is freed up and able to respond personally.

Auto-responders allow users to create several messages and message formats that can be sent out on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The services of an auto-responder can free up the time of those working within the business, allowing them to concentrate on making the business stronger and more useful to customers, which many consumers do not understand. Though it's important that a customer feels important and as though they are a businesses main concern, if you devote to much time to them, your attention is taken away from the job you should be doing.

Even if there is a relatively small amount of traffic to your website, an auto-responder can be useful in targeting potential customers. When a consumer uses your website, they may provide their email address in order to use one of your services. You can then include that address in a list of contacts to send new and exciting information to regarding your company and products. Email newsletters are one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to market your business to customers and auto-responding can make it that much more simple.

In order to keep the loyal customers you already have, it's important to make them feel as though every inquiry they have is incredibly important to you. Realistically, it's impossible to answer hundreds of inquiries each day, but with an auto-responder, every customer can feel as though they've been attended to. A response can be formatted to promise customer assistance within 24 hours or can even contain information to solve the problem without the use of any personnel. For instance, if a customer is interested in receiving a new product catalog, you can set up an inquiry box so they check off that category and an email you have already created containing information about how to receive the catalog is sent to them automatically.

In order to benefit from the services of an auto-responder, it's essential to be sure it is functioning correctly. Check to make sure that all the templates are set to be sent for certain inquiries and make sure messages are as detailed and personalized as possible so that customers still feel as though they're receiving one-on-one service.
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