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Article Secrets - The Ultimate Formula To Writing For Article Profits

Mar 15, 2008
There are so many Internet marketers that are writing their articles, or considering this method to generate good, solid targeted leads. How many of these articles are actually making money? If your articles are not getting indexed or listed, something is very wrong with the formulas that are being used.

Step 1. Take the first step and begin to write down what your article will be about. Hopefully, this will have something to do with what you are marketing. Brainstorm this on paper, or your text software. The idea is to focus on your intention of the topic. Will it be to induce traffic to buy your product, or inform them about some of the products advantages? Will this be an article to inform or promote or both? Will this article have a title that attracts the reader to want to read it? Will it induce and intrigue?

Step 2. Take all of your brainstorming ideas and chose the ones you will be focusing on to write this single article. Now begin to write the article. Just write it because, when you are finished, you will edit it. Keep it around 500 words, then have a title you think is a grabber.

Step 3. Edit your article so it flows in an orderly fashion. Now you are writing the first draft of the article you will submit to the article marketing site for indexing when it is done. Chose your keyword and ensure that this is used in your article at least 5 times. Use basic SEO for the search engines so this masterpiece gets picked up and indexed. This way, others looking for information that is what your article is about will find it on Google.

Step 4. Put your article aside for a day, then look back on it for the final edit with fresh eyes. Is all of the information in it you wish to convey about your marketing? Is your article engaging or boring? Does it flow well and easily explain what you are trying to tie together? Are the paragraphs short and concise? Is the tone conversational, or just informative? Does it have the SEO needed for inclusion into the search engines when your article is indexed?

Step 5. Referring to step 4, go over everything and make your absolute final editing changes. Now, look it over yet again. If you are satisfied with this creation, you are all set to submit it to the article directory.

Step 6. Read up on SEO and how this practice is used to write articles. Brush up on what is being used now. What works and does not work.

By the way, that article you just submitted will be indexed. Keep your eye on Google by punching in your keywords and you will find your article showing up in about a 3 or 4 days.

If it shows up on anything but the first page, this is why you are brushing up your knowledge about SEO. The next articles you write will reflect this expanded information you learned so your articles will begin showing up on the first page of Google, using your keywords and other optimizing methods.

Step 7. This is an ongoing exercise to profit from. Keep writing articles based on your market. Vary them, choose different sub topics about your market to inform and write about. This is going to generate target traffic to your site.

Step 8. Do not forget to include a link to your website. This is done at the end of your article, or in the article directorys site in the bio box. This directs your readers to your site.
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