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Safety First in the Modern Business World

Mar 15, 2008
What are the first things you think of when the word recession is mentioned? Perhaps words and phrases such as job losses, redundancies or reduced consumer spending? All of these are perfectly normal thoughts when time is tight and businesses are struggling to make money and survive. However, as the business world in which we live changes, there is plenty of evidence to support the theory that businesses who invest in marketing and in their staff when times are tough, benefit in the long run.

When the general public and your customers have less disposable income many people think that in order to survive, they have to cut costs and maybe even prices in order to remain competitive. However, even when there is less money about, customers in general do not necessarily want the cheapest price. Instead, they want the product or service that gives them the best value for money.

It is for this reason that many companies are now investing in their workforce and in particular in their health and safety so they have loyal and dedicated staff who provide a great service. Examples of this happening at the moment are companies who are investing in staff training plans so they employ highly professional and skilled workers. This not only allows them to be seen as experts in their field but also differentiates them from their competitors who instead of investing in staff are actually making cutbacks.

Another example is to make sure the safety and well being of staff and customers is at the forefront of their minds by investing in technology and communication. One such example for many businesses including schools, factories and manufacturers is through the use of radio communications and more specifically, two way radios, which allow members of staff to communicate over a wide area. 2 way radios are great for modern businesses who want to provide increased health and safety but without spending a great deal of money as after the handsets are purchased there are no call charges.

Two Way Radios like the Motorola XTN446 are also highly reliable, have long battery lives and are extremely robust so are ideal even in the most industrial of locations. In fact, two way radio is being used by companies who not only want to invest in the safety of their staff but also as a way to stand out from their competitors. Retailers are using them in store so staff can check stock levels by communicating with the stock room rather than wasting valuable time and money going back and forth. This benefits but the company itself but also their customers who are not kept waiting to see if a particular item is in stock.

Schools and colleges are also seeing the benefits of 2 way radio as they can be used on the campus itself and by teachers and staff as well as on field trips to communicate. Such technology is looked upon favourably by regulators as an investment in safety and protection.

For businesses of all types, investing in your staff and the safety and welfare of employees and customers is likely to mean that even in the hardest of times, you and your business can grow and be successful.
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