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Article Marketing: How To Profit From Publishing Online

Mar 15, 2008
If you are an author or a professional who has lately been downsized, you can find loads of ways to earn money by doing article marketing without even leaving your house. Sure you might like to write the traditional way - on an assignment given to you by an editor and with a regular salary - but times have really changed.

Many people write articles at home and then have to market them on the internet or in traditional print media. It may not be necessary or advisable to research, write, and edit a well-developed article before you market it. You might achieve better results by preparing a story proposal and sending a sample of the style of writing that you hope to employ in the article to be written and sold.

A hot story idea that grabs audience and editors interest is the key to marketing to traditional print media. Find something topical and timely. Every day there are news stories, breaking trend stories, personal experiences and more, that provide marketable articles. Check the news web sites and portals for the latest items.

The internet also provides a new venue for article marketing. There are several services seeking articles from writers. These services often make money from advertising messages that are associated with the articles. These articles need topics that are of interest to potential web researchers and contain key words that the web searchers are likely to use to locate information. "How-to" articles, holiday themes, guides for beginners, and reviews, are staples of this type of writing.

You can establish your own blog and join an advertisng affiliate service directly to collect revenue from attracting advertising viewers with your articles. If you have a particular interest such as cars, art, or cooking, you can quickly establish a web blog and a following if readers.

The best articles are ones that deliver unique content. If you have personal experience or expertise this can deliver the spice needed to make your stories special. Unique articles can be well researched compendiums of basic information. Many people are using the internet as their first stop in shopping, travel, news, and entertainment. If you are able to bring a special point of view, sense of humor, or are slightly ahead of the pack with a personal perspective, article marketing will be easy for you.

Article marketing is a form of advertising which has become widespread and popular among Internet businesses. Companies have formed with the sole business of providing unique content and unique articles to use as part of their promotion. Articles that provide specialized content are the best. You are able to make your stories stand out if you have personal experience or knowledge in the topic. These articles can simply be comprised of basic information on any given topic. The web is often the first place people around the globe look for information. If you can write, this will be simple to master.
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