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Blogging, Is it Difficult to Make it Pay?

Mar 15, 2008
Blogs, formally known as web logs have totally transformed over the past few years from personal logs, as marketers quickly realized the advertising potential of them, into serious marketing tools for almost anything online. Blogs help making relationships much easier than marketing websites and people more easily develop relationships which builds trust and therefore makes sales easier to achieve.

Having created the the business blog you can then monetize it as well as personalize it to your own requirements. Once created, you can make money out of the blog by syndicating it through RSS to your business website. If you have decided that you will set up a blog for business, below are a few tips on how to make it one of the more interesting and popular blogs.

1, Your audience. You are writing your blog post for your audience to read, so don't forget that what you write is of interest to them. They have searched for through a keyword, or keyword phrase, and arrived at your blog. So, make sure they are happy with what they find and even interested enough to look a little further into your blog, and maybe visit your website.

2, Text sends you to sleep. Large areas of pure text are like a sleeping draft to most visitors and they'll be 'overfaced' thinking "I'll never get to the end of this!" and most likely they'll click away you'll have lost your visitor. Place relevant pictures amongst your text to break it up a little. This adds extra interest for the visitor and you're like to keep them engaged longer.

3, Always remember that your objective is to attract visitors who are interested in your subject matter. If your blog is themed on fishing then don't just dump a post on there about sports cars. You want to attract visitors based on keyword searches and need to make sure your content is always relevant and on topic. You are trying to build relationships with your visitors to get their trust hoping to get to the next level when they will buy a product or service from you so keep them interested and coming back to your blog.

4, Nice and Easy. Most of your visitors won't be technophobes unless your niche is especially technical so write in an easy flowing style without too many obscure big words that you may think sounds clever but will only confuse half your visitors and drive them away. There's no substitute for straightforward English everyone can understand with a nice flowing style in short paragraphs to break it up a little.

5, Always enable the 'Comments' feature in your blogs. This is your chance to interact with your visitors and find out what they think of your posts and what they'd like to hear more of. This is vital for the good running of a blog. For safety's sake you should set it so all comments have to be approved before being published. This will stop your blog being polluted with lots of spam comments.

Before starting out with your blog you will need to do some pre-planning as to how you will personalize and monetize the blog, as well as how often you will post to it. An important fact to resolve is where will the content for each post come from. A good business blog needs a steady stream of interesting and relevant content in order to become a profitable venture - how will you complete this task? Remember that no plan is a plan to failure.
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Russell is an experienced blogger and a Consultant of CarbonCopyPRO, the devastating marketing system that's taking entrepreneurs to new levels of success. His blog at helpandinfo.com is totally focussed on internet marketing
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