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All Business Need A Good Strategy Using The Internet

Mar 15, 2008
In this technological world, there are still so many small work from home businesses which make little or even no use of the internet as part of their overall business strategies.

By that it is mean that even if they do have a website - it may as well not be there as it receives little or no traffic; and in cases it may not even be indexed in any of the major search engines. Any traditional small business (whether you be a make up artist, woodworker, plumber, clockmaker or massage therapist) is leaving on the table by not building a long term business strategy (most do not have a strategy at all !) which includes using the internet in its appropriate marketing channel.

Building a strong foundation and presence on the internet will mean that you build your brand, it will open up the doors to customers and partnerships on a worldwide basis and lead the business to the path where it is generating revenue whether the owner is working or not.

One of the best and most effective things any small business can do is to start running and operating a blog as a part of the overall business strategy. This will include having the blog hosted on the company's own servers (more on this in another post) and a long term plan regarding the posts that will be added in order to educate the world and build an online relationship with potential clients.

Another things that traditional businesses are not wary of is of the revenue that is generated annually from the sales of digital information products. The point here is that I am yet to come across any business which was not able to create a series of digital products which can be sold over and over and over again.

To cater for the large need in the market place many companies have started to extend their standard consulting programs to include the design and development of full scale internet marketing systems, including strategy sessions and then the continuation of driving traffic to the website using tried and tested internet marketing strategies.

We use these strategies to manage our portfolio of Marketing is the heart and soul of any and every business. With that said, the internet is another marketing channel through which one can connect with the end user customer and full use should be made of this wonderful method for connecting with the customer.

No matter what stage your business is at, consider fully embracing or continuing to embrace the internet as a key part of you business sales and marketing strategies. For sure, in the years to come you will see the attention and work pay off in terms of the increased revenue which will for sure be generated.
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Stephen C Campbell is an Interational Business Consultant specialising in using the internet to drive business visit
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