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The Importance Of Adopting A Professional Attitude

Mar 15, 2008
There are two basic groups of people who run internet businesses - those who have a professional attitude and those who don't.

You can't generally tell which is which from the amount of money they earn, because many of them are just starting out in internet marketing and are making their way gradually towards the levels of income that will enable them to leave their normal jobs and earn from the internet full time.

But you can tell who they are from the level of service you get if you buy from them - especially if you end up having to request a refund for any reason.

Some people are wary of offering a money back guarantee but it is the very first requirement of adopting a professional attitude. It is a vital part of building a bond of trust between you and your buyers, and if you don't have it you will be sending out a negative vibe to your buyers and potential buyers.

Just think about this for a moment. If you buy something and want to return it, you will contact the seller. If the seller comes back to you and refuses to refund you, how likely are you to buy something from them in the future?

The chances are your answer is nil.

But what if their attitude was completely different? What if they refunded you without question, and let you know that if they could do anything further to help you could just let them know?

How impressed would you be with someone who expressed such a helpful and professional attitude?

The chances are you would be impressed enough to order from them again in the future - even though your first experience with them led to a refund.

Do you see just how important a professional attitude can be to the development of your business?

It not only affects how your customers (and potential customers) see you, it also affects how your fellow internet marketers see you. This is extremely important if you are thinking about the prospect of joint ventures or other ways in which you can enter into agreements with other marketers to boost both your businesses.

In the end, if your attitude is not as professional as it could be, you may make short term gains but the long term picture will not be as rosy. If on the other hand you are determined to present a professional attitude from the word go, you will experience better results overall. It might take longer in some cases, but when the ball really starts to roll you'll have trouble stopping it!

And why would you want to?

We hear a lot about different affiliate schemes when we are surfing the web in search of information, and we hear a lot about how successful certain people are. But we rarely hear about their attitude to their business, and how professional (or not) certain people tend to be.

This doesn't mean it is no less important than any other aspect of someone's internet marketing business however. As we have seen, it is arguably the most important part of all.
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