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Search Engine Marketing - Automotive Miracle Or Myth

Mar 15, 2008
In the early days when computers were just coming of age and the internet as we know it today had yet to be born, it was difficult to see what lie ahead. Information was not as plentiful and moving from paper and pen to keyboard and mouse just did not seem to be what people were pushing for. But as time went on and more and more people began to see the growth of what has now become the world's biggest repository of electronic information, people and businesses alike have looked far and wide for how they can take advantage of this new age miracle to get their products and services seen by people everywhere.

The automotive market, in particular new car dealers have relied on traditional methods such as newspaper ads, TV commercials and radio spots to get the message out about whom they were and what they had to offer. It was not only costly, but reaching the market area desired and beating out the local competition was very difficult in deed. Like other large metropolitan areas, new car dealers markets such as Boston Honda, Los Angeles Toyota, and Dallas Mazda have caught on to the technology know as Search Engine Marketing.

Companies such as Elite Search Engine Marketing, a search engine optimization company, who know the ins and outs of how search engines promote people and products on the internet, are in the business of helping dealers to position themselves better and rank higher for their particular market areas for the goods and services they offer. They work with dealers to not only design a strategy for how the dealer needs to market themselves, but also help dealers to understand what they need to do better to both attract the customers and offer them what they are looking for to make the final sale as well.

The marketing initiatives in the automotive industry are completely different than they were a few short years ago. When a dealership changed hands or branched out from a larger dealer group, such is the case of Audi Seacoast and Porsche North Shore breaking out from Dover AutoWorld, the concerns were less complicated than they are today. Beyond the obvious of relocation and spreading the word about the move, there are now additional issues that need to be dealt with that a few pieces of advertising cannot typically accomplish. The daunting task of designing, developing, and optimizing a new website is now part of this overall marketing strategy. Because a very high percentage of all dealership customers find and research their new cars via the internet, it is imperative for each dealership to have a strong presence on the internet. Search Engine Marketing was designed for just this type of situation.

The greatest majority of dealers are beginning to take this more seriously and moving dollars away from the traditional methods of advertising to a more substantial investment in an internet marketing strategy where they can get far more bang for their buck. The methods for how a dealer can market to a wider market area and how quickly advertising can change when necessary based on customers needs makes this one of the best investments any dealer can make.
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Dan Mercurio is President of Elite Search Engine Optimization Company. We can administer a quality SEM campaign for you as we have for Dallas Mazda and Ford NH | Chrysler NH | Dodge NH | Jeep NH |Kia NH
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