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You Can't Build a Business Until You Build a List

Mar 15, 2008
List building is probably one of the most over looked parts of building an online business. Building a list is a very important part of any online business. Why? This helps you build a relationship with your customers and prospects. If you are doing business online you should be devoting time to building a list no matter what type of business niche you are in. All big companies online do it and so should you.

You see the thing is that a person may have a general interest in what you have to say or offer but if you don't have a way to capture there email address to keep in constant contact with them just to remind them about your site. They will probably surf away and forget all about you on that massive information highway called the internet. The reason for building a list is to develop warm leads of people who have a general interest in what you have to offer. They say that it take a person at least seven times to see an offer before they make a commitment to buy. So that is why capturing their email and building a list is so important so you can remind them about your site offers regularly. This is repeat traffic that you don't have to pay for.

Remember though that they are leads and you don't want to be trying to sell them everything under the sun. You want to give them some free advice and help them with some valuable information for their problems so they get to know and come to rely on you as a trusted source of information. You may also want to give them some freebies such are an ebook or software that may be of some value to them.

You might have heard the saying that the money is in the list and that is so true. If you do this right and build a list of subscribers that you are in constant contact with and are giving freebies that are of use to them. You have so much potential there to produce a steady income from a big list of subscribers. The thing to remember is to be giving them useful information and not bombarding them with sales pitch after sales pitch because that would be a good way to have them unsubscribe from your list.

It is also very important to only soft sell to your list, don't come on to strong. Just make subtle suggestions to the products and services that may be useful to your list. I would only offer them products that you truly believe in and know that work. You don't what to build a good relationship only to destroy it with promoting bad products. So only promote quality products.

To build a online business you have learn to capture email addresses and build a list of quality leads in order to be successful. Without it you will only have limited success and I'm sure you want to maximize you online success. So do what the big guys do and build a list.
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