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Title Optimization - How To Use Keywords Effectively in Your Website Titles

Mar 16, 2008
Placing keywords in titles of your web pages is essential in order to obtain good organic search engine rankings. Whatever text you place in the Title tags of a HTML page, it will appear in the title bar of a web browser such as FireFox and Internet Explorer. The title of a web page can be considered the most important place to put keywords in every search engine optimization plan.

The words that you place in your title determine how search engines may decide to rank your web page on their organic listings. Most search engines view the title of your web page as a direct indication of whether your website is relevant when someone does a search.

To optimize title effectively, you need to place unique title for each page of your website. The title of each page must be relevant to the content and keyword phrases used in that particular page itself.

One good technique of title optimization is to use a combination of words and phrases for different pages so as to drive different kinds of targeted traffic to your website. By doing this, you are able to optimize more keywords and thus getting more traffic for the different services and products offered on your website.

One common practice of website owners is that when they first design their websites, they place their business name in every title of every page. Not to say that placing business name in the title of a page is bad, but it should be done with combination of keywords that you intend to optimize. By just putting your business name, you are wasting valuable title space that can determine whether you rank number 1 or number 1000 in Google.

A better way to put your business name in your title is to place important keywords phrases at the front of the title and ending with your business name. Take note that the front of the title is very important for search engine optimization and make sure that you place the most important keywords at the front. In this case, you will stand a higher chance to rank high in search engines, as well as displaying your business name for branding purpose.

With good planning of title and basic on-site optimization, you will be able to rank well for keywords if the competition for the selected keywords is not very tough.
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