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How To Find Your Niche And Where To Start

Mar 16, 2008
When you had the bright idea to go into this Internet Marketing business, you knew little if anything about the hard work and continued effort which would be needed to research the market place. Where on earth should you start? Why should you choose this one over that one?

The first thing you should know about conducting your research is to find a particular niche in the market which needs filling. It really is no good trying to find a market for a product you already have, as you are more than sure to fail.

So, hang fire with the research and decide which type of market holds an interest for you. There are many to choose from but it is vital that you pick the right one for you. You can begin your search on quite a broad level and then dig down deeper into the market to discover the possibilities open to you. Bear these points in mind while you are researching.

1. Choose a market which is close to your heart and something you have a genuine interest in.

2. Pick a market within the IM (Internet Marketing) niche.

3. Look for a market which follows the high spenders.

The first of the above is self explanatory. Make a list of the topics you feel passionate about, maybe some of your hobbies, or sport, or something to do your work. It helps if you are knowledgeable about the subject too. You need your passion to pass on to others and encourage them to be interested as well.

The second market - IM - is almost certainly the largest market on the Internet at this time, but you should remember it is a very competitive one. There are many niches within the market as a whole and maybe you will find something of interest to you.

Blogging, Membership Sites, Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Traffic Generation are some of the big players in this market.

The third is the one which proves to be most tempting to newcomers who have no idea where to start looking. The method used here is to find out which subjects have the most searches conducted on them and where there is a lot of spending going on. Some of the highest money spending markets include Dating, Diets, Pets, Real Estate, Stock Trading and Travel. If you dig a little deeper on any of the above topics you are likely to discover just where to find the best possible returns.

Armed with your list of markets for exploration, you should start your research of them in a thorough manner. Whilst digging in each market, make detailed notes. Ensure you can assess the number of searches in the niche; weigh up whether there is money being spent in the niche; and then work on that vital "something" missing, and with a little luck you will be able to find the product and sell it on the market.

With all your research gathered together, you need to make an evaluation of which ones presents the best propositions to you and get moving with developing the niche. Try to be patient, walk before you run but above all don't try to short cut your researching because this may mean you miss something important. When you have got your product selling like hot cakes, its time to start the whole process over again.
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