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Marketing Techniques: That Can Make Your Business Successful

Mar 16, 2008
Successful utilization of marketing technique is essential for a business to grow. The term 'marketing techniques' is quite old though because for decades now businesses have tried to sell their product and services and adopted a range of such techniques to become successful in this. There are however several forms of marketing techniques, of which two worth a special mention is Direct Marketing Techniques and Internet Marketing Techniques.

Direct Marketing Techniques

Direct Marketing involves advertising techniques that reach the target audience directly. Popular channels of direct marketing include mailers, brochures, in-house magazines, letters and catalogues that are either mailed to customers, prospective clients and even to employees. They are sent either on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween and others like this.

However, the response in this case is solely dependant on the client. The business can gauge the effect of the marketing method quite quickly by seeing the response to the direct marketing techniques that are employed. Of course, some considerable expense is involved in this process of marketing a product or a service. Some businesses also send out their line of approach in selecting a product or service instead of the item or items. Emails are also often used to reach the targeted audience, provided addresses are available to the business house. And for this they often try to either build up a database.

Internet Marketing Techniques

Internet Marketing Techniques is a relatively recent development and in this, the key is to select the right marketing tool. To begin with, traffic here is the first and the last word. In fact, Web traffic analysis is perhaps the keyword in analyzing the nature of the prospects. Who are the people that are visiting the website, are there more males or females, what about the demographics, what is the age group and the purchasing power of the visitors? All these are relevant questions, the answers to which can help a business fine-tune its marketing approach.

There are many tools that help a business carry out the analytics to find out all this data. And if you are running a PPC campaign in Google or MSN, there is analytics inbuilt into them that will also help you.

Many online businesses encourage visitors to take action by giving away freebies that are there only for a limited time. This might prove important because it provides an additional incentive for the visitor to "Buy Now" as opposed to coming back later.

Marketing techniques always evolve. It has always been this way, and the techniques will continue to change in the future too with time, technology, shift in social practices and purchasing habits. And of course the biggest threat is the competition how to stay ahead by evolving quickly and discontinuing the techniques that have become a cliche.

But the core will never change. That is the purpose of marketing techniques to take the product or the service from the business to the consumer and sell. And this can be achieved only by meeting a very basic demand of the consumer.
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