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Save Your Friends With Real Time Leads

Mar 16, 2008
When I joined my first network marketing company my upline harped on and on about making a list from all my friends and family. The list had to have at least 100 names and phones numbers. Wow, that was difficult.

Mostly because I don't know 100 people. Well not 100 that would want to be in an MLM business, because that's for desperate people right? Well no , but what happens is we all subconsciously make decisions for those people. We decide whether or not they would want to do this thing.

Then when you, maybe with help from your upline, contacted the people on your list, it went nowhere. No one got in and only your mother decided to support you by buying your product. The rest of your friends and family ran for the hills. You can see it in their eyes to this day that they are still wary of you springing a business opportunity on them.

The lesson in this is to leave your friends and family alone. They will either join you when you have proven to be a success or they will stay in their day jobs. These days the smart network marketer uses the power of the internet to only show their business to people that have qualified and shown a real interest in getting into a home business opportunity.

The last two years has seen the number of leads websites on the internet explode. MLM leads are now big business. Millions are generated and sold each year. There are leads available from all the major English speaking countries: U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Even a number of Asian countries are popping up on some of the better leads sites. Some of the Asian countries are; Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and China (Hong Kong).

Leads come in many different varieties. Some popular ones are Phone Verified, 8 Question Surveyed, Auto responder Leads and of course, the king of leads; the Real Time MLM Leads. What makes real time leads so good is that they are delivered to you the same time they are generated. As soon as the lead fills out the form and hits submit, the information is on its way to you. It should be delivered to you so fast you might even call the lead and find they are still on the lead capture website! You cannot get a fresher lead than that. So obviously the leads are going to remember they filled out the form and they are going to be very open to hearing about your work from home business opportunity.

Most lead companies offer options with real time leads which can make them more effective and really laser targeted. For example, you may want people that can invest a certain level of funds into a new business. Or you may only wish to speak with people in your area code or state. These are only some of the options which can make using real time leads the most positive and productive leads you every buy.

Most lead companies provide a free backoffice to manage your real time leads. You can adjust how many leads you receive per day and usually even pause the campaign. So if you need to go away for the weekend, you are not wasting any leads. In summary, real time leads are best because they are very fresh, responsive, eager to hear from you and targetable.
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