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Affiliate Opportunities: The Starting Point

Mar 16, 2008
There is no doubt that the online market has welcomed people of all abilities, backgrounds and qualifications and has given them the chance to establish their own business when the offline market was getting creative in shutting doors. Yet the online market was misunderstood and miscommunicated and was treated as the easy money machine that can bring you wealth within hours.

In a previous article we have discussed the different major online business models. One of those business models is affiliate marketing. Among all the business models it was the affiliate opportunities that got the most of this bad reputation. Many online marketers have used this model to lure the new kids on the block into unworthy schemes that brought nothing to the participants but disappointments and empty pockets.

Still we think that it was through affiliate opportunities that the online market offered regular people of no technical background the chance to establish a business of their own. Affiliate marketing offers the same chances of making money online the same as any other model, because the marketing rules are the same. The main difference lies at the business building stage and at the end of the cycle which is the percentage of money made.

In this article we will show that establishing a business through affiliate opportunities provides the easiest starting point for any person who wishes to have their own business.

First let us begin by reminding ourselves of the different online business models. We will just list them here:

1- To market your own product/service or have reseller rights.
2- To market other people's products and services. This is affiliate marketing.
3- Creating advertising sites.

Now let us see why seeking affiliate opportunities are the best starting point. That said we must mention that some people have taken affiliate marketing as their bread and butter.

1- You don't have to have your own product or service: Many business gurus advise that when establishing your own business choose something that you have a passion for. In many cases it would be very hard for you to produce or deliver that on your own. What you can do is look for companies who are already in the business and who offer affiliate opportunities.

2- You don't have to stick to one industry: The affiliate marketing model offers much easier infrastructure for expansion. If you are developing and producing your own products/services, that would not be as easy. With affiliate marketing you can choose any combination of the following affiliate opportunities:

a. Different products from different owners from the same industry
b. Different products from different owners from different industries
c. Different products from the same owner from different industries
d. Etc...

3- You don't have to have your own website: This is very true with many affiliate opportunities. Many online companies are now developing affiliate websites for you that you can market as your own. Although our sincere advise is to have your own site as this will open many marketing doors for you. Many people are turning into blogs as their first steps into having their own site. Some made creating blogs as their main sites. You can also find affiliate opportunities that would provide you with a free website design for your own domain as website design stands as the main obstacle for people to have their own websites and thus domains.

4- How to market online: most if not all people who venture into online business for the first time don't know what is online marketing and how to do it. Many affiliate opportunities have online marketing education material and resources within their programs now. Quality of that material and those sources is a different issue as this would be one of the factors that distinguish one opportunity from another for a new online marketer.

Looking closely at the above points we will realize that these points actually compare affiliate marketing with marketing your own product/service. That is true to a certain point.

Advertising sites are selling their site spots for companies and their earning comes directly from these companies as prices for these spots. This model has a combination of features from the two other models. Yet in my point of view, this industry is full of competition within its own industry and from the affiliate marketing model. I am not very keen on this industry at all, especially for a new person to the market.
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