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Affiliate Marketing Surviving Ideas List

Mar 16, 2008
Some will say look for a successful market which will produce tones of money. With other words, do a lot of research on choosing the keywords. Others will say it is not a magic formula: it is just a lot of hard work and dedication in your part.
Yes, they are right, but it is not enough, the devil is in details.
I will review now tactics and practices that have been proven over the years with astonishing results.

Use unique web pages to promote each separate product you are marketing. I know some people are not comfortable with buying a domain for each affiliate marketing product. But this way you make a visitor to focus on just one product. If you offer 50 e-Books on one Website it will be really hard to convince a potential buyer what to buy. And now, the domains are extremely cheap, there is no reason not to try this tactic.

Always include product reviews on the website and testimonials, this way your potential customers will have a better understanding about your product and it will build trust. Use customers name and photos on the site of the specific product you are marketing. A couple of beginners asked me, if it is your first own product, you have nothing to include because nobody knows you well enough. The answer is you do not jump directly to promote a product. You must have a pre-sell phase, and in this face you give your product to be reviewed for free and collect some testimonials.

Offer free reports to your visitors in addition to the product you promote, this is other element of trust building in. Try to position them at the very top part of your page. Not all visitors will browse until the bottom.

Create autoresponder messages that will be mailed to those who input their personal info in your opt-in box. Usually a sale is made on the seventh contact with a customer prospect. The content must be directed toward specific reasons to buy the product. Talk about benefits of the product, not about features. Do not make it sound like a sales pitch.

Look to get targeted traffic to your product. An effective method is to write articles and publish them on ezines, e-reports, mini e-courses, and open discussions in forums. If you use ezines, definitely only interested visitors will open links from your resources box.

Be patient; do not give up because only 1 of 100 people will buy your product. Drive traffic paid or free, this is crucial. Personally I have spent in 2007, 2008 a lot of time talking about free traffic, social bookmark. My articles reflect my ideas about free traffic; you can find them in my websites as well. You must do split testing for your keywords which will appear in title and content, you need good key works but do not overdo it.

If you do Internet Marketing, to protect yourself from thieves, please cloak your links all over: websites, articles, signatures in email and forums, squidoo lenses.
Experiment all of the above with several affiliate marketing products you want to promote and have an open mind set for new tactics, but do not lose your time trying to invent the wheels. Those are methods which have been proven over the years.
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Michaela Cernescu is an experienced eBayer, Education Specialist trained by eBay, Internet Marketer, Digital Products Writer and Affiliate.
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