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Errors In Judgment And Learning From Your Mistakes

Mar 16, 2008
In any major or even minor business venture, there are mistakes that you will make. In many cases, the mistakes made by an entrepreneur are enough to convince him or her that he or she has failed. However, the key to being successful is to learn from your mistakes and move on.

This article discusses the importance of learning from your mistakes and how to take the errors in judgment they represent and turn them into opportunities to move forward. No matter what you do in life, even if you are an expert, you will make mistakes. Even the absolute greatest experts make errors in judgment.

One thing that separates them from the people who fail is learning from their mistakes. They understand that motivation alone is not enough. You may be motivated but if you are headed in the wrong direction you will need education to get you back on the success track.

The best education comes when you are able to look at a situation that is not working or is wrong, get educated and go forward in the right direction. You can see precisely why something failed and what you can do to keep it from failing. Having the ability to do this makes you different from those who have failed. Used in the right combination, motivation and education will lead you to success.

How to Learn From Your Mistakes
When you know that you have made a mistake in a situation, a business venture or had a plan that did not succeed, you must find out why. First, you must be take responsibility. You must look at yourself. This sounds easy but it is very difficult for many.

The key is to look at how you have related to the situation or challenge in front of you. If you continue to relate the same way in the future, it doesn't matter what you have learned, you will still face the same obstacles. Humans actually learn from their mistakes when they choose to think or relate differently.

Think about children. If a child touches a hot stove and gets burned, he or she has a firm imprint in their mind that the stove is hot and they should not touch it. Chances are, remembering the pain of the burn, they will not touch it again. If you have some hot stoves in your life you must relate differently before you will stop touching them.

This is the magic of our mistakes. If we learn how to see what happened and what prevented the success of any given situation, we can eliminate it. This is how individuals learn to move forward and to have success. If you want to have success, it's important to be able to learn from your mistakes, and here is the key, apply what you have learned.

Using Mistakes to Propel You Forward
Remember, a mistake is nothing more than a learning opportunity to propel you forward. It gives you the keys to your success, education and the opportunity to approach a situation differently. When you effectively use these tools to your advantage, you will hold a card in your hand that is one of the most powerful cards you can hold.

This ability to learn and apply yourself positively is what will propel you forward within your business, your career and your life. Next time you come face to face with a mistake don't react. Welcome it. You have just received an opportunity for learning a valuable lesson in order to be a true success!
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Steve Scott is a business and life coach specializing in teaching entrepreneurs and solo professionals to create success strategies for more freedom and abundance in their businesses and lives.
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