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How To Conduct A Successful Job Search

Mar 16, 2008
Finding the right job is so crucial to your life. There is nothing worse than being miserable in your job. Yet this being the case there are so many people that do suffer through jobs that they don't enjoy and the main reason for this is that the thought of uprooting and finding something different is more daunting than in reality it actually is.

So if you are stuck in a job that you don't enjoy why don't you conduct a job search? They are not difficult as they sound and you could be surprised by the results that you may find. You may find that you can earn more money, work in a better atmosphere and work closer to home. All of this might be possible but not if you don't try!

Write a good CV

The first and most important aspect of any job search is writing a good CV. A CV or curriculum Vitae is a document that lists your personal details including your skills, qualifications and work experience. The CV is designed to let potential employers know a little bit more about you and whether you would be suitable for the jobs that they are advertising. A well written CV will present a positive image of you and your ability to complete the job. The main thing you need to do is list all of your previous jobs, the roles and responsibilities you had in these jobs. It is important that whilst you do this essentially tedious task that you try and remind yourself that you are interesting and transfer this on to the paper.

If you don't find it interesting to read it is likely that a potential employer will feel the same. The best thing you can do if you are new to writing CVs is to find an example CV on the internet that you like and use it as a template. All you will have to do then is make each field relevant to you and you will soon have a great CV to present to potential employers. It has to be said that the CV can be one of the most boring aspects of your CV and that if you let it take a long time it will. If you can sit down for a couple of hours and get it done then it is much more valuable than an incomplete CV that you can't distribute! So get cracking!

Push the CV to as many people as possible

It is important that once you have written an inspiring and engaging CV, which I am sure you will, you send it to as many people as you possibly can. It is no good spending all of that time and then leaving it at home. One way to get a CV out is to respond to job adverts that you find. Another way of getting your CV out there is to sign up to as many agencies as possible. Recruitment agencies have a large number of jobs that are advertised solely with them and as a result they are likely to have a list of the jobs that you are after ready for you to apply to. The added bonus of using an agency is that they will often provide feedback on the quality of your CV. This can be really useful and they will help guide you toward getting that all important interview.
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Shaun Parker has been involved in the Jobs industry for many years and is fully aware of the pitfalls you may face when you conduct a job search.
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