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Benefits of Working From Home

Aug 17, 2007
There are a huge number of benefits for people who have decided to work from home. In this article we will review some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with working out of your home vs. going into the office every day. In addition we will mention a few of the steps you can take to ensure you have a successful experience while working out of your house.

Some of the more significant advantages for people who work from home include: avoiding a commute to and from your employers work location; freedom to manage your own time around your work and that of your family; defining your working hours to match your personal work habits; dressing the way that want in a relaxed casual atmosphere; numerous tax advantages associated with claims for the space you use in your home; reduced wear and tear on your car; reduced expenses associated with getting to work; elimination of parking costs at work; reduction of expenses for lunches and coffee and numerous other advantages depending on the individual situation.

There are disadvantages associated with working from home and they may vary depending on the person. If you are someone who does not have the discipline to work on a regular basis, of you miss the interaction with your associates; if you need the personal feedback from your supervisor; or if you find it too distracting to work from home then you may not want to consider this approach to earning a living. Some people prefer the stability and the social aspects of working at a company and cannot adjust to working in an environment that does not provide these attributes.

There are various steps that people who do work from home can take to solve some of these issues. For example, developing a mentor group of like minded individuals is one way to build the social and business aspect were you can seek advice and also fill the social needs that you may have. Meeting colleagues or friends on a regular basis for coffee is another approach to filling that social gap. Setting goals and objectives to meet every day, obtaining feedback from customers, setting aside your personal office space were you can reduce interruptions in your home are additional steps to take to resolve some of the concerns you may have regarding work from home.

Many thousands of people run small businesses from out of their homes quite successfully and have developed coping mechanisms to help them deal with the negatives associated with working from home. Experiment, talk to colleagues and seek information to help you resolve any issues that you have regarding your business and working at home.
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Elias Georgi is an experienced and successful sponsor, mentor and coach for many thriving home businesses. Elias offers proven work at home business opportunities and strategies.
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