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4 Mind Altering Ways That Control Your Home Based Business

Mar 17, 2008
If you have your own home based business, you are your own person, making decisions that can change your day, your business, and your life. No matter how great you are feeling about things, there comes a time where you need to see yourself more clearly and how you work, or don't work. What is the mindset that does you well, and what is it that tears you down?

1. The Wanderer. You love to float from one project to another, never really finishing anything. If a new eBook comes out you are often the first one to pounce on it. Every idea looks better than the next. Or worse, you believe because there is competition, there's no room for your Internet business to grow. You are stuck at a standstill and cannot figure out why.

2. The Go-getter. You know that you have what it takes to succeed. There is no holding you back as far as your learning goes. You also have no trouble implementing the new strategies you have learned. The problem is you are creating more and more work for yourself. You want to achieve the dream of working less hours a day, yet you feel that your income will dry up.

3. There is Always Tomorrow. Procrastination is dis-ease. You are not calm or open to doing either the too simple, or the difficult of tasks. You might have good intentions and even know all the right things to do, but that does not mean you have gotten around to doing them. Or ever will.

4. The Achiever. This is where we all want to be in our online business. The achiever has a daily and weekly plan they refer to that keeps them on track to earning a six figure income from home. This type of person strives for balance and makes the time to enjoy their life. This is an ideal that few people never reach, but many aspire to.

So, perceive the type you are in business. You might have picked out highlights from the other types that you want to be instead. It can be difficult to move from one trait to another, especially if you are so fixed in your ways.

If you are the wanderer, you need to focus. When reading something, take the extra moments to take that in, write key notes down. Take actions to anchor yourself into the task at hand. You will not grow in your business until you focus and get each thing done. A daily and weekly plan of attack will help you greatly.

Now the go-getter is completely unleashed. Part of the reason you probably wanted to work at home in the first place was so you could have the freedom to do what you want; to go into each project for as long as you care to. When you attack your work it may be with more muscle than is needed for the task. Know that pulling back with a break and letting up a bit will actually help skyrocket your productivity.

The procrastinator is simply treading water. You need to put away all distractions and make sure you are only focusing on your business when it is needed. Just like the wanderer, you can go a lot further if you develop a to-do list and stay with it. You are breaking old patterns here. It will be like you are going to the gym and working a muscle that you had allowed to get flabby.

The achiever is humming along. Look for ways to tweak your business. With online marketing for instance, there is always something to learn, another new technique. Or, if you want to be fed in a way that you might not be by working alone in your business, you might consider mentoring someone. Paying it forward is a healthy choice that pays you back in dividends.
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