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Finding A Coach For Your Big Goal

Mar 17, 2008
Once you have decided on your big goal, it's time to start putting resources in place that you need. Firstly, complete a Concept Card (1), fill in the details of your coach, key advisors and key resources but right now I am only going to talk about selecting a coach.

You will probably have to pay for coaching one way or another and the reason to have a coach is to avoid the pitfalls along the way and to not start off by developing bad habits.

I prefer to start off with relatively inexpensive coaching and self-help and only calling on a coach every now and then, whereas my wife prefers weekly coaching calls and more hands-on mentoring. Consequently, my coaching is less expensive but requires more self-discipline from me.

Remember also it is not the coach's primary role to keep you motivated so figure out ways to motivate yourself and your enthusiasm will encourage your coach to give a little more than the agreed level of service.

When should you find yourself a coach? Well firstly you must be committed to your concept. You should have already allocated time out of your weekly schedule and also allocated an amount of money from your budget (2). Be realistic about the amount of time that you can commit to.

Remember that you still have to set aside time in other areas of your life. So you might decide to (say) commit every Thursday night 8pm-10pm and every Saturday 1pm-4pm. OK so that is a regular 5 hours a week but for a big goal 10 hours a week would be a good level of commitment.

If your goal is a money-making goal, don't count the potential income from the venture at first. Only count the projected expenses. At this stage you might not know what all the expenses are so at least work out what you can to afford to spend each week. Most of what I talk about in goal-setting is about making more money, or utilizing money and time better so I am going to assume that your big goal is a financial one for now.

The amount that you can afford to spend on your big goal varies from person to person but make sure that you have a balanced budget.

So let's say you figure out that you can afford to spend $50 per week on your business venture. Don't go and sign up for a $300 per month mentoring service! You've done 80% of your money already!

My personal experience over the past 20 years of business ventures is that a project typically ends up costing around 400% more than originally budgeted and takes around 800% longer to complete than originally planned. This is why it is important in the initial stages of a project to secure as much free resources as possible, at least initially.

Look for mentors who have a track record of success in the area that you want to do. Initially you might use a less-experienced and less expensive coach and then move up later.

Stay in contact with your coach on a regular basis - at least monthly but preferably each two weeks if possible. Report progress and no progress alike.
Coaches are the 'recipe makers' if you like. You may have advisors who tell you about your ingredients or something about the process. If an advisor gives you contrary advice to your coach, discuss it with your coach but at the end of the day your coaches advice is the authority. He or she knows what recipe you are supposed to be making.
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