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Trying to Save What You Have is a Sure Road to Loosing It - Part 1

Aug 17, 2007
Most entrepreneurs are filled with tenacity and a clear purpose to go after what they want.

They usually start off with getting a good education, such as in the case of a doctor, which they then feel will aid them in achieving their goals and then go on by starting an activity such as a practice.

Those business people or entrepreneurs (really the same thing) are dreaming and working their plan.

Friends and other statistical signs usually tell them that it won't be easy. Those statistics and those friends are in fact very often discouraging.

But the young entrepreneur knows that he can endure such hardship and happily proceeds with his plans.

He in fact is looking forward to those hardships because he instinctively knows that everything that is worthwhile, of course must be difficult. He has observed that only people, who undertake mission impossible, not mission difficult, but mission impossible will bring the rewards and satisfaction needed.

Those rewards and satisfactions are not really connected to financial rewards and financial satisfaction but are mainly personal satisfaction of having done it. This does not mean that financial rewards are not calculated in and must be, in order to survive in an economical structure in which we live.

To sum it up, people are never as happy as when they know that they create problems and barriers to overcome for themselves by daring to dream and think big.

This really is the key. Those young entrepreneurs, whether it is in the field of business, sports, finding the right girl or guy, inventing something or wanting to be the next Tom Cruise or Julia Roberts, are staring at those possible problems as well as the problems which have already arrived right in the face.

Nothing scares them. They have no fear of losing anything. Maybe they don't have much, in terms of money and materialistic assets, but that does not matter. What matters is that they are fearless and proud, and that they are looking in the future.

Now, as they are proceeding towards their goals they usually get beaten down by many of those obstacles. In short they lose quite a few times, some small and some not so small battles.

They sometimes advance a step and fall back two steps but they keep most of their original enthusiasm and keep going. Well, the winners at least.

Then the winners, the ones who stood true to their goals and the ones who were willing to endure all the problems no matter how large and no matter how long those problems persisted, start to see some rewards. Some personal and some financial rewards are starting to show up.

And here is where many, really an awful many, start violating their successful actions, which got them to this point.

This point is so widespread and so dangerous that it could easily be responsible for the mediocre unsatisfying life most of those entrepreneurs who once were bigger than life, are ending up with.

Otherwise why are 95 % of all people dead, or dead broke, or are working to keep eating, or are on some kind of government aid at the age of 65?

Look at it, the majority, not all, of hardworking fearless dreamers described above, have been well on the way to be part of the 5% who succeed and never thought to be part of those 95 %. Yet, very many of those people still will end up leading a very dissatisfactory life during their last 30 to 40 years.

So, what is this violation of the successful action which I describe as being so devastating that it, for all purposes, nullifies all the right actions, the right thinking, the right attitude, and all the hard work those above average people put in?

They start being careful of not losing what they have achieved, financially mostly.

You see; right there is a major shift, a major shift of attitude.

The securing of those hard accumulated materialistic things start taking the more important role.

It overshadows all the creative and ambitious thinking and planning that person has ever had.

This person now starts remembering all the mistakes he made which cost money and not wanting to make them again and not wanting to be told once more by friends and family members that he made yet another mistake; he now starts evaluating and examining his actions before acting on them so that he won't lose what he has. No more bad decisions, no more being taken by a fast talking salesman, no more doing things which have not been proven to work in similar situations.

In short a total shift of how he got where he is. And the result is that all actions get delayed or will be made smaller - all under the name of careful, logical, being wiser etc.

No longer willing to take risks and go for bigger dreams, he ends up in the 95%--becoming cynical and scoffing at the young spirited go-getters. They will know that life is not so easy. They will learn the hard lesson that one can never really get what he wants.

They stop growing, stop dreaming, and stop being bigger than life.

That is a pretty sad ending. What do you think?
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Helmut Flasch is a marketing consultant who uses Un-advertising rather than the traditional advertising methods. Find out more information about his marketing strategy at Un-Advertising Info.
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