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How To Make Money In Home Based Business - From Rags To Riches Story, Part III

Aug 17, 2007
Our rags to riches story is not based on start up money because we had very little. It is based on using these three tools:

1. The Law Of Attraction (The Secret)
2. Universal Mind
3. A silent partner

The first tool we used to manifest the mobile home was the Law of Attraction.

It states: anything you hold in your mind consistently without canceling it out (by thinking negative thoughts) can and will manifest in your life.

Little by little we had learned how to manifest without money.

Physical things began to pour into our lives. Whatever tool, wood, or garden supply item we wanted showed up free in just a few days.

We felt magical and blessed.

If we wanted food grade buckets we stopped by McDonald's kitchen door and they just happened to have saved 20 five-gallon pickle buckets and now they wanted them gone. What made us go to that particular place at that moment? What made them save the buckets?

The Universal Mind and our silent invisible partner help with finding abundance.

We're all connected but we just don't act like we know it. People mostly act like they're alone.

Think about a field of grass with flowers and a few weeds. At the end of the field there is a fence and tall trees. As you look over the country side you see different kinds of plants, flowers, and trees. If you looked under ground you will see that every plant is connected to another plant by their root systems. They are touching each other like a family or one unit.

Look at people: different races, cultures languages and sexes. Like the plants there is an invisible connective net of consciousness between all people. We're really one family although we look and act different. The Universal Mind just like the root of the plants connects us all. We're on a journey together. We must support and help each other because when we do that we are uplifting the whole population.

That's how your silent partner can help you achieve the success you desire. It is inter-connected with all others and we're all working on many levels to deliver the ideal circumstances for each other.

Remember those circumstances are usually decided by your thoughts and self-talk.

Once you decide to ask for the manifestation of your dream, be open to receive.

Be flexible enough to follow hunches and embrace a playfulness about life.

Develop the attitude: when you ask for an idea or an item, know it is coming. You just don't know exactly when or how it will show up!

We received so much free stuff that we decided that money would be better.

We begin to ask our silent partner for money, dollars and spendable cash in the same way we manifested the mobile home, buckets, wood, and hundreds of other items.

We were led into starting a home business selling sports items at gun and knife shows, sports expositions, and even flea markets. We started working by renting one table for a weekend show. The business grew, the merchandise multiplied, and so did the number of tables we displayed. The number of weekend shows grew one to sometimes four weekends a month.

Is that all there really is to it?

The fuller procedure is in our new e-book: "How To Triple Your Home Based Income -- By Using Two Secret Words." This will take care of all the details in the process, but the basic tools are simple as outlined below:
1. You have help available for your home based business and you're not alone.
2. Your thoughts and self-talk will direct your success.
3. There are natural laws you can use to catapult your dreams into a huge success.
4. If the work-at-home success system and tools work for one they will work for all.
5. Cultivate the feeling that you deserve prosperity. This will quicken the results.

You need a mantra, positive affirmation, or positive self-talk you repeat often:

"Since I became aware that I AM an individualized expression of the Infinite Flow Of Substance, I feel prosperous at all times.
And the most amazing thing is the way money flows to me from all directions, at all times."

Congratulations on having even more money flow to you!

I hope you've prospered from studying the three articles entitled "How to Make Money in Home Based Business -- From Rags To Riches Story." Now, you just need to put these tools into use.

If you find yourself thinking negative, or worried about the prosperity process or slipping back into destructive mental habits, then consider learning the complete process.

The Universe (or God) wants you to become wealthy and successful! Find a way to be open to receive all of Its abundance.
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