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Voice Overs: Why They Are Important To Earn Money Working From Home

Mar 17, 2008
Online videos are big; marketers who want to earn money working from home are using them to drive traffic to theirs websites and increase their sales. What a number of internet marketers don't consider is the way their voice sounds.

Allow me to give you an example, a friend of mine asked me to look over her video for opinion sake. The graphics were great and her content was well thought out but the more I watched the more I wanted to cringe. She sounded like a five year old on a sugar high. This may have worked if she trying to imitate a hyperactive child but being that her piece was about "why choose MLM" her voice didn't fit. Her audience is less likely to take her seriously as opposed to someone who had a professional speaking voice.

Another example is a video I watched a while ago that revealed secrets to making millions online. This is an exciting topic, and the speaker should have conveyed that to his audience but ten minuets into it and I was falling asleep. His voice was dry and lacked enthusiasm- the kind that would be felt by anyone who found his video. It took everything I had to stay awake for the second tip.

When you stop to consider it you begin to realize how important it is to have the right voice for your video or audio project. Even if you're a very pretty girl, your voice is still imperative to keeping the readers attracted. A person who knows how to control their voice can control another person just by speaking. Unfortunately, the average person can't control their voice as well as someone who has a talent and has trained their voice.

Using voice over actors can greatly improve the quality of your video. But let's be honest, many of us don't have the small fortune it takes to hire one of those. This is why learning how to do your own voice overs can still help you earn money working from home without having to spend too much.

My friend for instance was very excited about completing her first video and her voice conveyed that. She would have benefited by doing some voice exercises and practicing several times in front of the mirror. This would have helped her to warm up her voice and made her more confident so could speak in a clear, professional manner.

This applies to everyone who choices to use videos or audios to market. Practice and know your market. You want to avoid having long awkward "what am I supposed to say now" pauses or those "I want to get this over with" rushed moments.

Study what you hear on radios and television and listen to them critically. Then practice reading out loud. Read everything, billboards, cereal boxes, read out loud. And before you officially sit down to your do your video, record your voice and have someone else critic it.

We are not all professional voice actors but if you want to have a professional sounding video you're going to have to train your voice a little, doing so will most likely result in earning money working at home.
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