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Steel Buildings Vs. Cargo Containers: 3 Things To Consider Before You Buy

Mar 17, 2008
It has become somewhat of a common practice to use cargo containers for storage. But before you make an investment in a cargo container, be certain to do your research.

Legalities of Cargo Containers and Steel Buildings on Properties
Recently, those using of cargo containers for storage have come under scrutiny. In some counties, cargo containers have even been banned and their owners fined! The city counsel of Apache Junction recently banned cargo containers for storage, mainly because residents were complaining about the declining aesthetic value of their neighborhoods due to the unattractive storage containers dotting the landscape. As an alternative to cargo containers, the city counsel approved the use of steel buildings and metal buildings for use by residents and businesses.

Owners of these storage containers were forced to remove them from their property and find other ways to store their goods such as metal buildings and steel buildings. As you can imagine, purchasing a new storage solutions and transferring all of their goods created a great deal of additional work and headache for cargo container owners. Even if cargo containers aren't banned where you live, they could be in the near future.

Aesthetic Value of Cargo Containers and Steel Buildings
Cargo containers were never designed to be attractive. They are functional containers designed to transport goods via truck, train, or ocean liner. Used cargo containers are often damaged from years of being transported around the world. Even if you don't mind the lack of aesthetics, you're neighbors or your city may not appreciate the presence of a cargo container on your property.

Steel buildings on the other hand are designed for use on land. Today's steel buildings and metal buildings have come a long way since the basic designs of the past. Though the frame of the buildings are metal or steel, the front and back panels of steel buildings today can be manufactured with siding, wood, or stone for an attractive look that brings a neat and consistent look to your landscape. French doors, residential doors, and finished windows, make a storage unit look like an attractive second home on your property.

Variety of Uses for Cargo Containers and Metal Buildings
Though you may be purchasing a cargo container for storage now, you may want to utilize the space for a different purpose in the future. Many people use cargo containers to shelter vehicles or as office space. Will a cargo container meet the needs of uses you may find for it in the future?

Steel buildings and metal buildings are available in styles and designs to meet a variety of needs. Placing an automatic garage door on the front or back panel turns your steel building into a garage. Windows let light in for a pleasing environment in which to work should you decide to use the building as an office or workshop. Because steel buildings are manufactured for use by people and not for cargo, they can be easily wired for electricity to power lights, computers, refrigerators, power tools, or any other electrical device.

Before you make a decision on how to handle your storage needs, be sure to do your research and weigh all of your available options. You may be surprised at the low cost and wide variety of options offered by steel buildings and metal buildings!
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