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Web 2.0 Explained To Help With Huge Traffic To Your Website

Mar 17, 2008
Web 2.0 has been proven to deliver a massive amount of free traffic to your website when properly implemented. The challenge that most people have is the sheer terminology of Web 2.0 makes it somewhat of a mystery. Simply put, Web 2.0 is a broad term that describes the proliferation of websites where people can communicate with each other and become informed.

Search Engines have let it be known for quite a while that they promote quality informational content over "sales" websites. A properly implemented Web 2.0 comprehensive campaign will promote your "sales" sites and reward you for giving quality educational material to your prospective customers- and in the process drive highly targeted traffic to your website- while also giving your website a huge boost in terms of search engine rankings.

Web 2.0 can be most effectively utilized to help gain traffic to your website by cross utilizing articles written and posted to your blog, distributed to other blogs across the internet with your link associated to your website in the author section, posted to social networking sites- like MySpace, Facebook, etc. and via utilizing the huge presence that is growing on the internet in video distribution.

After understanding that Web 2.0 from a marketing perspective is implemented by posting of a large number of posts across various sites on the internet- the daunting proposal of how one goes about implementing such a plan becomes the next hurdle. However, with some low cost tools that have become available it is possible to distribute a single article to literally thousands of sites with the click of a button.

Videos are also extremely strong content as it is estimated that over 70% of the traffic is now via video on the world wide web. YouTube, the popular video location on the internet, has passed Google themselves in 2007 in terms of daily traffic. Pretty amazing fact, in that Google has over 70% of the estimated search engine traffic. Lest you think videos are not noteworthy- all one has to do it to realize Google paid an enormous amount of money in 2007 to purchase YouTube. Truly, the video and multimedia presence on the internet has come of age.

So, don't be discouraged about the number of postings that you may need to gain attention on the internet. Instead, learn the basics of Web 2.0 and follow a comprehensive plan to implement a Web 2.0 plan for your business, and instead of wasting time and money on expensive marketing campaigns via pay per click, banner ads, email campaigns, etc. invest in a few basic tools to distribute your informational materials on the internet. Educate yourself and use the tools to create huge traffic to your website.
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