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Tips for selecting coffee for your coffee shop

Mar 18, 2008
The quality of the coffee you serve at your coffee shop is definitely something to focus on. However, you also need to know something about the various types of coffee offered out there. There are plenty more variations than you may be aware of. The majority of people enjoy regular coffee rather than decaffeinated. Yet you need to make sure you offer premium stuff for both categories.

Paying attention to how items we consume are grown is important too. You will find there are plenty of customers that only want to buy organic coffee. This is because they have decided to cut down on the waste they offer to environment. They don't want to buy coffee that has been grown with the use of pesticides or chemicals.

The color of the coffee that you offer to your customers is important as well. Generally you will find the darker that the color is the stronger the coffee is. Not everyone enjoys that bold taste though. This is why orders for espresso aren't up there with the other items you offer. Many people prefer something dark but sweet such as a mocha java.

For those that are right on the fence when it comes to either a light or a dark flavor of coffee, Vienna may be just what the doctor ordered. This type of coffee only has a small amount of oil in the beans. This means it will have a very smooth flavor that also smells wonderful.

It is wise to offer various types of coffee to your customers. Don't take the approach that it is too complicated. Customers will want to have a good selection of items to choose from. They may be willing to try out some new things too instead of just drinking the same old coffee drink that they always have.

There are plenty of vendors out there that cater specifically to the needs of coffee shops. They offer plenty of supplies for you to choose from, including types of coffee. You can ask them for samples of various blends that you may be interested in offering. This way you can see for your self what they will taste like.

As the owner of a coffee shop, you should be open to the suggestions of your customers. If they are looking for a particular type of coffee consider offering it. Chances are they aren't the only one out there that will be interested in it. You will also discover paying attention to their requests will make them very loyal to your business.

Don't let the cost of coffee items affect your ability to serve the best tasting coffee in your business. You are better off buying the better quality of coffee blends and charging more than selling lower quality items for a lower price. You will find if you give customers what they are looking for in a coffee shop you will be seeing familiar faces several times per week.
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