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Using Your Writing Skills To Make Money Online

Mar 18, 2008
The demand for writers has always been great, but with the spread of internet marketing, content writers are now in great demand. Here are some ideas for how to make dollars writing articles on the world wide web.

One of the outcomes of this big demand for writers are some great sites that will pay you directly for your writing. One of the best of this genre is www.associatedcontent.com. But be aware that their standard rate of 3-4 dollars an article is that low because they basically take any writer whether they have credentials and skills or not. But it's a good site to have on your list to keep the grocery and gas money coming in.

These paid article sites are regularly looking for unique content to bring attention to their site and clients. Some of these websites are also looking to act as brokers to other websites needing articles. They can always use more articles so they will always be there when you need them, but they don't pay every well and you efforts could be better spent elsewhere.

When writing for an article distributor, you do need to create totally original material. But it doesn't have to be prize winning stuff. If your 500 word or so article is solid writing, readable, spell checked and reasonably well put together grammatically, you can sell it online. In fact many of these sites don't stipulate what you write about so watch their "most popular" charts because if you write about something fun or interesting, your article will get more hits which makes you more valuable as a writer.

A good portion of freelance writers operate in groups, so if you are looking into how make dollars this way, you should do some networking with other writers. Freelance writing groups will always get more work to pass along amongst their members than any individual writer. If you submit articles to the paid sites first then you will have samples that you can show the group of your finished work so they can decide about letting you join.

Sometimes these writers' communities are managed by a strong leader who serves to make sure the work is shared with the writers and keeps a little commission per job for his trouble. Still other writer's communities are just that and writers simply land work and share with others at a lower fee when they have more work in than they can handle. But these writers consortiums also benefit from the huge need for quality content on the internet and these groups are skilled at knowing where to find the good projects online.

Along with these options, there are quite a few sites that are always looking to bring on talented writers. However be aware that these sites are usually passing work to you that they hunted up so your pay might be lower than you might expect. So when you sign on with a site like this, read the terms screens closely so you don't end up doing endless edits and writing more than you agreed to for the money.

Writing can be a solid income using these resources even if it isn't "big money". But this is a good way to get a start and build your ability to write. Writing is a skill that has to be built to write every day and you will become both prolific and able to write strong prose. Then once you get your reputation up, you may be able to get $25 each article from the quality agents. By building your career up from the bottom like this, you can eventually look to make a good income doing what you love to do.
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