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Business Opportunities From Home: The Pros & Cons

Mar 18, 2008
Starting business opportunities from home CAN be relatively cheap compared to starting conventional businesses. The start-up costs vary but are affordable to most people. There is no need to rent offices or hire staff - you can lever your existing assets. Even with the more expensive options such as financial trading, you can start with a lot less than you would if you are doing it professionally.

The business opportunities concept really just pinches selected ideas, tactics and strategies from the conventional business categories. Thus, nothing down techniques, which are used de rigueur by property professionals, become a home business idea purely because they can be used by people with little or no start-up capital.

Quite Easy To Start

Not easy, but fairly easy, especially using the internet, compared to conventional business. You do not need to go through the rigmarole of interviewing staff, and or obtaining the capital for buying or renting a premises or office. You should be able to start with the assets you have at your disposal right now.

Although it is easy to start, this has nothing to do with success or profit. Actually in many ways, being easy to start is a problem. It means people can start without proper preparation. It means there is no selection. It also means that there can also be little commitment.

Quick To Set Up.

In theory you can start one of the business opportunities from home today. That does not mean you will be seeing a profit today, but it is quick to start. When I lived in East Africa it took over a year just to get one of the licenses to start a particular business.

A trading platform can be put together in a few days of installing and familiarisation. Depending on the person they could start trading straightaway, or for most people they could paper trade straightaway.

You can start looking for motivated sellers or specific properties from day one if you intend to run a property or real estate option.

You can sign up with an affiliate program, and set up a landing page with affiliate links and submit articles all in a day.

All in all, the business opportunity concept offers a glimmer of hope for many people who would otherwise be stuck in a rut. And with a lot of perseverance, and help, there is no reason that success should not be tasted.

The major cons when considering starting any of the business opportunities from home will be:

* The temptation to spend more than you should to start
* High expectations created by sellers, leading to severe disappointment
* The lack of character assessment
* Choosing the wrong opportunity for you
* Possibly the lack of any structure, education, guidance or regulation
* Lack of awareness of the dangers and cost involved

Some of the business opportunities from home are easier than others - certainly for certain types of people. Some of these businesses have a higher potential to LOSE you more money than others. Some of these businesses are a disaster waiting to happen - for certain temperaments.

The fact that there is an opportunity for anybody to start relatively cheaply and quickly is a big selling point. And in fairness a good point. I believe, from my work and observations, that there is a solid POTENTIAL - for nearly everyone - to make a significant extra income.
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Charles Challis is the managing director of Applied Serendipity Ltd. He has spent the last 3 years and over $120,000/66,000 GBP researching and testing home businesses. The company website: http://www.home-business-consultant.com is a must-read for prospective home business entrepreneurs. Visit http://www.home-business-consultant.com to save your time and money.
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