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5 Ways To Drive Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Mar 18, 2008
The most important skill that you need to have as an affiliate marketer is that you need to know how to drive traffic. No matter how hardworking, diligence, and determined you are to earn a full-time income from affiliate marketing, if you do not know how to drive targeted traffic, all these will prove to be useless.

As the affiliate marketing industry is getting more competitive than ever, you need to be more aggressive in your marketing initiatives. You need to drive more traffic and entice people who matter to visit your website. On top of that, not all traffic is useful. You need to drive targeted traffic. In other words, you need to drive people who are interested to buy from you to your website.

Let us discuss 5 ways to drive targeted traffic for your affiliate marketing success:

1. Search engine optimization. This is the basic of driving targeted traffic and you should always have this marketing method for all your affiliate marketing businesses. Because they are popular for driving free targeted traffic, they should not be ignored by all means. Once you are able to rank top for keywords that are closely related to the product that you are promoting on major search engines, your website will be easily accessible to anyone who are searching for it.

2. Pay-per-click advertising. This is the paid method of search engine marketing, whereby you purchase keywords that are related to your affiliate products, and put up ads on the Sponsored Results area on search engines. With well-written ads, you will be able to entice people to click on your ads, and getting them to visit your website to learn more from you.

3. Article marketing. By writing articles, you can provide good content to your readers. Once your readers appreciate you for the good content that you write, they will most likely visit your website through the link from the author resource box of every article.

4. Know the market well. If you have detailed knowledge about the market that your product falls into, you are able to come out with more effective marketing strategies. By knowing your market well, you can know what your targeted audience are looking for and give it to them.

5. Using web 2.0. Start a blog which provides useful information about the niche that you are promoting. Tap on the latest web 2.0 technologies such as social book marking, blog post pinging, RSS feeds, social networking sites, and other platforms to promote your blog. Through your blog, you can then recommend other useful products for your readers.

Once you know how to get people to see what you have to offer, you will be able to make money in affiliate marketing.
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