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Xtreme Rankings: The ultimate SEO Guide?

Mar 18, 2008
It's no wonder that search engine optimization has such a bad name in some areas of the Internet. A visit to any SEO forum will reveal so called advice which is at the best a year out of date. This advice is put forward with such conviction that many people believe it and continue to use out dated practices. A large number of Search Engine Optimization "specialists" should rank alongside the Quack doctors of the 19th century

Many search engine optimization "experts" run into problems by trying to be too clever and keep one step ahead of the search engines. The keep themselves in work by constantly having to update sites so they they are regarded as perfect by various search engines but this doesn't work on a long term basis. If you stick with a few simple rules and methods you will constantly outrank many sites that change their strategy every month.

The good news is that there has recently been a new product released that at last provides us with some commonsense regarding Search Engine Optimization. Xtreme Rankings by Ryan Moran Is a series of videos and an accompanying e-book which will show you in step by step terms how to get your pages to the top of the google rankings.

Just to prove to myself that the book and videos were easy to follow I gave them to my daughter and asked her to come up with a plan to promote a website. She had no problems what so ever in following what Ryan was showing her and the next day she presented me with a blueprint to promote a site she made about her favorite band.

Xtreme Rankings is made up of a Book and accompanying Videos.There is also a bonus book included

Part 1 The Xtreme Rankings Book

Part 2. Step By Step Videos

Bonus Product: The Joel method e-book

The Book part of Xtreme ranking Guides you through what you need to do to get to the top of Gooles rankings. The books contains no filler and it just nugget after nugget of pure information. I just wish some other recently released products could have been this useful. You get all the information you need and see all the tools which Ryan uses.

The Video portion of Xtreme Rankings are my favorite part. Ryan takes you through every tool and resource that he uses. Each Video ties in with a section of the e-book so you get to see exactly how he performs each step. Once again Ryan doesn't hide anything and shows us everything we will need to know.

I am not sure why Ryan felt he needed to include a bonus product. Xtreme Rankings stands alone as a truly great product at a great price. However we are given the bonus book and it's well worth reading. It shows how a friend of Ryan used a simple method to create a good daily income.
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