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Advantages Of Aged And Shelf Corporations In Nevada

Aug 17, 2007
Aged and Shelf corporations are corporations, which have been completely formed and are ready to proceed. The business world calls them shelf corporations because nothing has been done with them yet. They've simply been formed and put on the shelf. You can purchase these previously formed shelf corporations and start doing business immediately.

There are many agents in Nevada, who form shelf corporations on a continual basis. At the time of purchase, they give you a written consent by the original director for the Articles of Incorporation. This written consent turns over the power to you to control the aged and shelf corporation.

The aged and shelf corporation in Nevada indicates a seasoned corporation, which people have yet to truly use. This increases its worth over a period of time. You benefit in two distinct ways by purchasing an aged and shelf corporation in Nevada. First, you can instantly get into business. Second you can say the corporation has been in business for some time.

The Advantages
The worth of an aged and shelf corporation in Nevada is perpetually more than the amount paid to keep it current. If you do hold an aged and shelf corporation in Nevada with no real activity in its history and decide to sell it, you just might be pleasantly surprised to find that it has been an attractive investment. One excellent way to sell such a corporation is by consignment. Selling something on consignment means you consent to pay a certain percentage of the sale price realized to the vendor, who is generally a resident agent with excellent contacts in the market place.

Merely owning an aged and shelf corporation has some advantages. For instance, at times, while negotiating government contracts, taking a loan or even just entering a lease, it pays to have a company history and an established existence.

In order to ascertain the pricing of an aged and shelf corporation at a particular age, an assumption is made that annual renewal fees have been paid one time for a one year-old, two times for a two year old, and so on. You usually discount approximately $500 from the third year price in case a nearly three-year old aged and shelf corporation did not pay its third-year renewal fees.

Value-Enhancing Investment
Purchasing aged and shelf corporations in Nevada can turn out to be an invaluable asset. It enables you to profit from the appreciation of value over time. There are steps you can make in order to maximize the value. You need to acquire an Employer Identification Number and make use of a nominee service so that there is no link to you personally. You can also open a non-interest bearing bank account for the corporation. Be certain you file a zero income (non-activity) tax returns every year. Finally, remember to never transact any business with the corporation. If you maintain your shelf corporation in such a fashion, the aged corporation carries a premium of about $1000 per year of age, apart from the introductory costs of setting it up. Investing in an aged and shelf corporation in Nevada can be a lucrative business.

Additional Help
A lot of software packages are available to help you in the purchasing and selling of aged and shelf corporations in Nevada. They are reasonably priced and designed to help you with whatever information is required to enhance your business.
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