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Video Reviews: A Look At Web Video and Video Blogging

Mar 18, 2008
There has never been a means that touches so many people on such an intimate level than with video. Whether you are going to the movies, watching your television, or recently, surfing the web, you are able to view videos that are interesting to you. But why is video so powerful in explaining a message, telling a story or selling a product? Perhaps the reason why individuals are so connected with video is because it stimulates two of the most powerful senses in our bodies, which is sound and sight.

Today, the use of web video is extremely prominent, and it seems that everyone from internet marketers to the mother of two living down the street is taking advantage of the power of web video. The reason why so many people are beginning to adopt video as a means to divulging information is because it is a easy, and extremely effective way to connect with their audience on an intimate level.

Because of the upgraded iPod's and PSP systems, users are able to download their favorite videos and view them wherever they are. Because of this video blogging has moved from a new way of communicating to one of the most popular methods. With web video, individuals are able to have their opinions heard at a larger scale that before now has never been obtained.

The power of video blogging

Video blogging is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to connect and talk with the world around you. Actually, since video blogging has become so popular, there is even a new term for it, it's called vlog. But how can you access these vlogs and also, why are they becoming so popular?

With video blogging, you should make something that everyone should follow. When you are recording your video blog, make sure that there is no background noise. There is nothing more annoying than hearing a strange noise when the speaker is trying to talk. Many times, individuals will tune out what you're trying to say, and will focus on the background noise, or they will simply leave your blog. Also, make sure that you utilize close-ups instead of longer distanced shots. This is because when you are talking into a camera, the viewer wants to clearly see who is speaking to them.

One would think that many people wouldn't want to publish their faces across the Internet for anyone to view however this presumed paranoia is nothing more than that, presumed. Many people find that expressing their feelings about a certain situation, or explaining a solution to a problem, is much easier and faster than simply typing it out. With video blogs, you are able to connect with your audience in an extremely intimate way.

And remember, always use good lighting. Don't sit in front of a window that has the sun shining through it, always face your lighting, and never have a backlight for video blogging.
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