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How to Print Money with a Video Camera

Glinda McDuffie
Mar 18, 2008
Looking for a foolproof way to print money that won't have you sharing a cell in the federal pen? If so, then get ready to discover how to turn a video into cash!

This newest twist on marketing is called video marketing and it's all the rage. Now I'm not talking about slapping together some 2-minute amateur YouTube-style video clip, although even that is better than nothing if you want to catch the video fever and ride the silver screen to success.

Just like any other marketing angle, the whole idea of doing the video thing is to make your cash register ring! So if you're going to dip your toe into video promotions, you might as well dip your whole foot in and invest in a video that's both well-planned and well-produced. You've got to deliver your message quickly and clearly or you'll lose your audience in a flash.

Tap into the power of your average Joe or Josephine

What's the power behind this marketing miracle? Typically it's the presence of some ordinary, average-looking man or woman touting all the amazing benefits of whatever product or service is being promoted.

The power of the written word is compelling; but when viewers can sit back in the safety of their own homes and watch someone speaking those same words, the message creates a lot more sizzle and gets those buying juices flowing. Doing it right means creating trust in the product as well as in the person delivering the message. And that, in turn, builds the momentum that drives the viewer to the "got to have it" stage that we all know and love. And when that happens, the cash register rings.

Internet video has proven to be the most popular content online. People today are hooked on watching videos, so there's plenty of reason to ride that wave all the way to the bank. Get a good enough video out there and you could end up having thousands or even millions of viewers by the time everyone forwards it on to their friends and family!

When it's on video, even the most dry and static products come alive to create an engaging, dramatic and dynamic impact. The costs of production have come way down and given the potential return on that investment, even if you're using video to capture new leads, it's a marketing strategy that's definitely worth looking at!
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An entrepreneur since opening her first business at age 25, Glinda McDuffie has 29 years experience as a successful business person. Now Glinda is focusing on taking her brick-and-mortar experience to the 'net where she is determined to build her next empire at: http://presale.succeedwithaffiliatemarketing.com
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