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Seven Social Network Script Reviews

Mar 18, 2008
PHP was formerly referred to as "Personal Home Page Tools" but it is actually an open source server scripting language. It is extremely popular in developing web based software applications. Programmers find it is easy to use to create web pages which have spectacular content and they easily interact with other databases.

Here we will take a look at some of the social networking script php products and provide you with some information about their features.

Automatic Ad Management Script PHP this is a powerfully packed management script that is automatic. It helps to invite advertisers to place their ads on your website. It offers advertisers a package which can be used to set up their ad as well as offering different ways they can pay. It is fully customizable with various colors and graphics. You can take a free online demo to see if you like the script before you buy it.

Simpgb PHP this is a multi-platform simple guestbook which supports several languages. You have your choice of smilies and the program also supports many avatars. Administrators can choose which fields to input and they can write comments on the posts. They can also set up automatic email notification.

Simple PHP Guestbook Script you can add a message form with fields such as name, email, message, "private" check and "response required check", message listings with a certain amount of messages per page, an administration section where you approve messages, delete or see private messages; - notification sent to owner after each entry submitted. If "private" flag is set, the message will not appear online. The show/hide/delete messages from admin section; email validation is on the submit form. The submit form is tested for correctness of email address and also if user has entered any text such as HTML code spam protection, no HTML code is allowed inside the messages.

GMOA Arcade Flash Script PHP The Complete Games Portal - within minutes of your purchase you can enjoy our Professional Arcade Script which has more than 1600 games and videos. The script comes with many features like adding or removing games, videos and banners. It contains embedding capabilities to Myspace, Xanga and all social networks. The newest feature is the Automatic Games Adder. With this awesome feature, you will be able to add games in bulk in the future and easily expand your site. The script is a complete turnkey solution and comes with full customer service support.

Arcadem Pro PHP Game Script - This is the next generation, user friendly arcade script with built in SEO and AdSense integration. It comes with 500 pre-installed games but there are over 3500 games available. It includes 10 themes, RSS, automatic sitemap creation, dynamic metatags, full blogging CMS, detailed site and visitor statistics, token system that requires registration after a certain number of plays, full user system and management, advanced cache system that benchmarks 88% faster, as well as a speed optimized code. Requires PHP version 4 or greater (5 recommended), MySQL 4 or higher, 4MB of free hard drive space for core installation, up to 3GB or more of free hard drive space for games, and browser which is Javascript enabled.

A1 Cool Image Gallery PHP Script - This is a cool and simple, but very powerful Image, or photo, Gallery Script provides an amazing tool for running your photo gallery site. You can also create an image gallery section of your website using this script. It is very simple to install and operate. Its amazing features of the script include 1) Multilevel categorization of images 2) One click access to all categories 3) rate images 4) Suggest image etc. 5) Admin can configure script parameters 6) Change site colors/icons directly from admin panel. You can demo this full script online before you make any purchases.

Raining Sushi PHP Image Script - This sliding slideshow will pick all pictures from a given directory and scroll them from right to left or left to right, top down or bottom up. It can actually take hundreds of pictures and will load very fast all the same. The trick is to load the pictures in groups so the slideshow can start without first having to load all of the pictures. Instead it will start after the first group of pictures has been loaded. You can adjust the height, width and speed of the slideshow, present the pictures in alphabetical, reverse alphabetical or random order. You can mix gif, png and jpg, but the pictures have to all be of the same size.

This will not even scratch the surface of social networking php scripts. Once you get started there are numerous scripts from which you can choose. This is just a sampling to show you what is available.
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