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Using the Law of Resonance

Mar 19, 2008
I heard an interesting story about the law of resonance that I want to share with you. The Law of Resonance is a very similar concept to the law of attraction, but has some distinct differences. The Law of Attraction, as is widely known, is the universal law that determines what you attract into your life based on what you're putting out there.

The Law of Resonance is more relational in character. It expresses the way in which two or more different things are linked. As an example, my transcriptionist was telling me a story about the law firm where she used to work.

My transcriptionist told me, "I sat next to a woman for three and a half years, we shared a desk. She had worked at the law firm for ten years before I even got there and she was literally the most negative person I had ever met. Worse, she never stopped talking. And so it was a constant barrage of complaints and lies.

"I was sympathetic at first and would give her supportive advice and suggestions to move her out of her negative mindset. Eventually, my own mindset started creeping toward hers and I caught myself complaining and becoming negative as the days, weeks, months, and eventually years wore on."

Okay, so say you are with someone eight or more hours a day for five days a week, or you live with someone whose energy is dark or pessimistic. If you are a fairly well adjusted, happy person, and you express your thoughts and feelings in a positive frame, even if there's a difficult task at hand, this other person will have an affect on you. If it's a situation where you have to deal with the person, don't have the option of changing jobs or kicking the mother-in-law out, then you will need to start doing what you can to protect yourself from the negativity of this person.

The Law of Resonance says that the relationship between the two individuals, especially over an extended period of time, will either raise up the energy of the negative one, lower the energy of the positive one, or result in a combination of both where they'll meet somewhere in the middle.

There are a number of things you can do to protect yourself from sinking to their level.

First, of course, and this is not always possible, stay around like minded positive people. Seems simple, but we don't always choose who we are around, especially in a work context. Keep in mind at all times, that another person's negativity can sap us of our positive energy if we are not mindful of the dynamic. If their negativity is stronger than your positivity, you will be pulled down.

So what happened between my transcriptionist and the secretary she sat next to? Well, eventually my transcriptionist, manifested herself a new desk on the other side of the office. She went to her office manager and explained the drain and was rewarded with a quiet desk alone near the library and felt a huge weight was removed from her workload.
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