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Do You Need a Mentor to Succeed?

Mar 19, 2008
I am a firm believer in continued education. This includes the Internet Marketing field BUT do you really need a coach or a mentor?

The answer is, it depends. (Don't you hate that answer?) I have had numerous coaches and mentors in the Internet Marketing field some have helped some haven't, but overall the programs have increased my income significantly.

I won't be telling you which ones worked the best for me out because the ones that didn't work for me worked for other people. Whether it will work for you depends on you.

* What you expect from the program and how far down the road you are.

* How well you relate to your coach.

* How much you work at it.

* And believe it or not how much you BELIEVE in the program will make a big difference.

Your Expectations - Your expectations must match your level of knowledge. You can't go into an advanced coaching program, not knowing anything, and expect to be profiting next week. Your coaching program needs to reflect your level of experience and move you on to the next level.

If you don't have a website or a product do you really need a coaching program on advanced marketing strategies? Probably not, this would usually mean you are just starting out and you would need a program that gets you started. Save your money for the advanced program until you have started making some income.

If you are just starting out I would recommend for coaching that you find a coaching program with a low price point that lasts 3 to 6 months. This will be long enough for you to learn a ton of information, but more importantly, to put it into action while you are still in the coaching program. By taking this action if you have any problems you should be able to ask your coach and by all means if you have a problem ask your coach, that is what they are there for.

Relating to Your Coach - You need to do a little research on the person or people that are offering the coaching program you are looking at. Are they "Internet Marketing Gurus" or are they technicians? Which do you need? Get on their newsletter, read their blog, look at their sites and see what you can find out about them before you give them your money. If you can't find a coach that you respect, admire and/or has the same ethical standards as you, don't spend your money.

Remember your coach doesn't need to be a "Guru" but they do need to know enough to move you up to the next level.

How Much You Work At It - Yes, you will have to put some effort in to your coaching program. Just like with everything else the more you put in to it the more you will get out of it.

All good coaching programs will give you homework. Yes, you will have to do something to learn. When you get these assignments do them but don't do them by rote, dig into them and make sure you understand what you are supposed to understand. If they ask you to read something don't just skim over it, read it! Read it twice or three times until you fully comprehend what the purpose of the reading is.

Believe - In anything you do your mindset will usually be the deciding factor that makes the difference between success and failure. The more you believe you can do something the better your chances of achieving it.

For example if your expectations are to make an extra $1,000 per month because of this coaching program you have to have a mindset where you BELIEVE you will be making that at the end of the program. If you don't believe you won't put as much effort into it and the more effort you put in the better your results will be.

Some of your expectations will be set by the copy for the coaching program. Whether you hear this verbally at a seminar of if you read the copy on the page you need to truly believe what it is telling you. If you read and have any doubts at all that program is probably not for you.
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