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Green Premiums for Janitorial Business

Mar 19, 2008
During the time known as the Orange Era, citric cleaning products were brought to the market boasting of environmental safety, but left a stubborn mindset that these cleaning products were expensive and not as good as conventional products. The good news is that we are now in the Green Era, and the newer products are only 2% to 4% more expensive than commonly-used products. We are slowly discovering that the new generation of Green Products are as good or better than the products now in use by cleaning services.

One of the issues of the Green transition for any company is the costs for any project, and it is interesting to learn that "Going Green" has other benefits that can offset and overwhelm the modest cost of Green cleaning. We all want a clean building, but we should also want a healthy building, and using a Green Clean janitorial service is the way to have both. In the end, you will find that this transition is a financially-smart decision.

Traditional cleaning methods have obvious health concerns because the chemicals being used by most cleaning services are dangerous. Constant exposure to these chemicals (like second-hand smoke) can not only hurt your employees but impact the bottom line of you company. By removing unhealthy practices, the company will certainly discover that the financial benefits are very rewarding.

Employee absenteeism is a negative cost factor to your company. Your employees are the source of business and revenue for your company. You may think these costs are a problem for the insurance company, but the costs for these employees contribute to the premium increases paid by the company. While some costs are paid by the employee, the health insurance costs are a significant part of company expenses. Obviously, healthier employees will help reduce health insurance premiums.

More common than absenteeism is the problems of decreased alertness and lost productivity. Companies may actually spend money motivating workers while hurting their productivity through a hostile office environment. Most of us have experienced a strong smell, smoke, or fumes that caused a headache or depressed energy. These are subtle but very important factors in an empowered office.

On the marco scale of things, the well-being of a company's workers ripples out into the world. The cost of caring for sick, debilitated workers is a societal issue. The trash and waste discharges of a company leaves the facility that has been cleaned to be handled by the sanitary services outside our facility. This affects our taxes and our health issues elsewhere.

The Green Premium is, therefore, found in health costs, productive benefits, insurance costs, and taxes. When you consider that the actual cost of "Going Green" is about 2-4%, it seems that the other benefits will easily offset the extra expenses and produce a realized profit.
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If your company wants to "Go Green" they need to understand the green clean program. We offer a great training program in green clean practices for janitorial and cleaning programs. Green janitorial programs are in needed now.
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