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Instant Global Pay - A Pearl in the Mud

Mar 19, 2008
Finding that diamond in the rough business system is definetely very tedious. There are so many to choose from, and so little of them do anything near what they claim on signup when your about to give them your credit card payment. I have been one of the many, sifting through all the garbage to find something of substance that i can actually use to make a living at home and have the time to do what i want. And so bascially this article is about the only system that i have found that is really going to make any money, it is known as Instant Global Pay, and although i dont really like the name as it sounds very cliche, its a good system.

If you are interested in starting a very simple, but effective home business and are still searching, sieving through all the garbage then i highly recommend you take a look at IGP, Instant Global Pay. This is a new business, formed in early 2008 and offers a great deal on petrol discounts for members as well as being a very profitable set up.

A great thing about IGP is that when you sign up to be a member you will pay nothing and you can immediately get access to the members area and your team will contact you regarding any questions you may have. If you are interested in taking a look then you can join up at the link at the end of this article. But first off let me explain a little bit about it.

Being a member myself, as of about a month now i can definitely say that it works very well. It is a no gimmicks system and you will need to be willing to put a bit of effort into it especially at the start. What i mean by effort is contacting your leads, and doing general promotion like you would for any other marketing. Your leads (People who may want to join) are already established for you by the system and are part of what you will receive when you join.

A big pulling point for this system is that it offers huge discounts in fuel costs for people who join, up to $750 a month. This applies to those in the US only but for others you will just get extra money in commissions. With the Fuel economy going up constantly and without looking like its about to change it is a powerful lure for many people to join.

Something Else that i really dig about IGP is there members area, it is very nicely set up and has every thing available to you set out in a very easy and attractive way. You can see your down line as individual illustrated icons on your team list. You can check your stats and download your leads, pretty much like any system i guess, its just the way it is set out is really cool in my opinion and this is something that i have been disappointed with in a lot of other business systems.

Now a very important factor i am sure for most people and i definitely know for me, is that of initial investment. How much will this thing cost? Well that is another pleasing part of this system. It is a one time cost of $150. No other payments are needed to start your system up and start generating a steady income. You will not see this in many other programs either, there is always some other scammy thing that you "need" after the initial buying into the system. I should mention though that there is the option to purchase a nice variety of landing pages or squeeze pages at $30 per year, practically nothing. However you do not need this as you will get your own page as part of the system.

What is the way that you will make money with IGP? You need to make a cycle, this pays $150 every time. A cycle is 6 sales your team, which includes you or anyone under you in your team. With IGPs down line there are two sides the left and right, you need to make 3 sales on either side for a cycle. Also you will get $25 in Wal Mart cards or commissions for the first sale of any one in your team for that day. If you live in a country with no Wal Mart, you will just get $25 dollars extra commission. In addition to all of this you will get an extra 50 leads every time you make a cycle. So in other words you never have to look for more people who will be interested in your system.

In addition to all the things about this system that i really like is the fact that you will get 50 leads every time you cycle, so your potential sales are constantly being updated. I have to say that i think this system is just such a great new way of doing it that it is absolutely worth checking out. If your keen but don't want to invest any money then you can join up and see the members area as i mentioned at no obligation to go any further.
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