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Having A Profitable Online Business

Aug 17, 2007
An online home business may seem to many the perfect solution for working at home and running their own business. For many it is. However, an online home business is just as much work and perhaps even more than a brick and mortar storefront business. It takes as much forethought and as much business planning, though probably not nearly as much money.

What can be frustrating about an online business is learning the technical ins and outs of getting the business Web site set up, buying the right hardware and software,learning the jargon and finding the right people to keep it running when the owner often doesn't know what to even look for in a technical specialist.

If someone is not a geek, but knows the basic of computer use and computer language and has a good idea with sound business planning, they can succeed in an online business.

According to extensive research, the things that sell best on the Internet are computers and computer-related products, books, travel and travel-related businesses, clothes, music, gifts and financial investments.

Someone might start an internet business selling e-books or print on demand books - especially in the areas of self-help or how to. They might sell consulting services, information about entertainment and local or regional getaways or offer products in an online auctions. Another lucrative online home business is writing for the Web.

Many manufacturers have ready made small ticket items that they offer for distributorships and some even help the entrepreneur set up her or his Web site. Many even offer drop ship services so the start up home business owner doesn't need to go out and buy an extensive inventory when he first lunched his home business.

What's important to know about an online business before an entrepreneur makes the decision to start one is the startup costs involved, how much labor and the type of business, the quality of the manufacturer's products if selling someone else's products, the competition the firm will be facing, the size of the market, how profitable it is likely to be, the customer support that would be needed, the regulatory and licensing issues, the costs of such things as inventory, shipping, maintenance and repairs, the likelihood of repeat business and loyal customers and the potential for cross selling and upselling.

The bottom line, of course, is that an online home business should be about doing and selling what the owner believes in and enjoys being a part of. That's what makes it rewarding.

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