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One Way to Avoid the Hype and Hogwash of Internet Marketing

Mar 19, 2008
"Get 40 Billion subscribers to your ezine just sign up below", "Post to 50 million web sites with one click of your mouse" or "Make 10 Trillion dollars straight to your mailbox by sending this e-mail on to ten of your friends". OK, I may be over-exaggerating somewhat, but you get my point.

How many times have we all read this type of hogwash and thought 'OH YES' this is the one I've been looking for and subsequently went on to sign up free, or worse still, forked out $50 for the product and then felt cheated a immediately after buying.

Yes me too...

Is this the fault of the person trying to sell their product? No, not at all. Is the person who wrote the ad copy responsible? Of course not.

I know you are not going to like what I have to say and may even dismiss it as completely absurd but it is YOUR responsibility and MINES for falling for this hype time and time again. Believe me I have fallen on quite a few occasions:-)

We want to believe what the product owner is telling us at their web site or in their latest e-mail campaign. You know, the one where we think he/she is emailing us personally when really it has been sent to a list of thousands.

The lazy part in us that wants overnight success, wants to believe that we won't have to put in any work and that success will just fall into our laps.

It is time to wake up. Success DOES NOT come overnight and you are more than likely going to take a few falls and a few hard knocks before you make it online, offline, or in life for that matter.

What the web site should really say is:

"If you sign up for my program below, put in around 4-5 years of hard work, make lots of contacts with people who have been there and done it before you, keep plodding on through the rough times and most importantly never give up then you should be able to find a certain level of success in online marketing and make a significant income to sustain yourself and your family and retire financially free.

Chances are though, you won't make it because you will become disillusioned when this doesn't work for you overnight as I have outlined, you will succumb to the same crap at a few other sites and you will give up before you even get off the ground."

This may sound harsh but it is the sad reality of the online marketing world today. If we keep on believing the hype then people, being people, will continue telling us what we WANT to hear.

That's what skillful copywriters do. They appeal to your emotions and the more emotionally unstable you are the more likely you will buy.

But there is hope...

It resides in that part of yourself that is determined to succeed no matter what the odds and in spite of what obstacles are placed in your way.

In my humble opinion the vast majority of marketing products and online services out there are well worth the money.

Consider the cash you put forward as an investment.

Even if you don't get 100% what you expect from the sale there is ALWAYS potential rewards even in what appears to be a negative situation.

I haven't made a purchase yet that didn't show at least some potential. Your personal approach to what you have before you makes all the difference.

When faced with a hard sell try to see through the hype to what the product/program ACTUALLY offers. Ask yourself "Is this $30, $50 price tag going to propel my business forward in any way? Does it have the potential to bring me an acceptable increase in my subscription levels? Can it bring me enough sales to put me in profit? Can I get enough from this free sign up to warrant even filling in the subscription form?

When you have bought your package, or joined your affiliate or marketing program make sure you read everything thoroughly. Take what you have and make it work. Give it at least a few weeks of constant effort. If you are making headway then run with it and don't stop until you get to the bank.

Most programs/services WILL give you the required tools, it is up to you whether you decide to take full advantage of them.

You can read every E-Book, home business report or marketing article that the web has to offer but until you actually put the ideas into practice it remains just ink on paper, and ink on paper doesn't sell products, you do, through your positive actions.

So get out there, make some contacts, make some mistakes, learn the business, take some risks and grow as you go.

Most importantly of all never, ever give up until you achieve what it is you have set out to accomplish. At the end of the day it it absolutely down to you!

I hope I haven't scared you off too much. My intention is to wake you up, not prolong your nightmare.
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