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How to Select a Career

Mar 19, 2008
However, we probably end up doing ourselves more harm than good. In truth, this question may not necessarily assist you on your career path. In fact, the question may be unanswerable, because there are too many answers, or because it presupposes some sort of commitment to an answer that we are unable or unwilling to make.

Making "The List"

The first thing you have to do when looking for that ideal career or job is to forget about asking yourself what it is you want to do and instead focus on asking yourself - what it is that you want to learn? Start by listing down all the work related requirements that you'd like to learn. Then, your next step is to rearrange or rewrite this list of items and divide the list into two categories - "the most important" and "the least important". Once this is done, consider what career and job prospects will satisfy your need and ability to learn these things, in that priority. Alternatively, you could look for prospects that will help develop your knowledge and skills.

Before you begin, don't be under the misconception that any single company or job will teach you everything that you want to learn. When you're planning on changing your job, career or even organization, the things that you want to learn will also change. As part of managing your career, you must go through this list a few times every year. But, for the time being, this list will help point you in the right direction - it will show you what jobs and careers are best suitable for you and what you wish to learn, thereby making it a great guide for your next career or job move.

Understanding the Process

This whole process is done to help show you that what you learn in a particular job or career, and what you want to learn further can actually indicate what kind of career or job is best suited for you. In doing so, you will ultimately find the right career or job. Always keep in mind that there is usually more than one "ideal" job or career out there, which you will probably encounter over the course of your professional life. However, when you're planning on making that leap from an unsatisfying job to a much more rewarding and fulfilling future prospect, this process will definitely come in handy.

If you are still asking yourself what it is that you want to do in life, you should stop there. Asking yourself such pointless questions is not productive. Instead, go through this fun process and let it guide you towards the right career or job!
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