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Comparing of Affiliate Marketing With Other Businesses

Mar 20, 2008
As an affiliate marketer, your prime job is to drive traffic to the programs website and in turn collect your commission of sales generated.

Placing ads, writing articles and using blogs are some of the methods used to get visitors to the website.

Affiliate marketing has several advantages in comparison to starting an off line tradional business so let's spell out some of these differences and may help someone who is considering a work-from-home business to making a decision.

1. Getting Started with Little or No Investment

Affiliate marketing is a very low cost business to start. The product has already been designed, the website is already in place and the order takers are set-up so your investment of time would be related to marketing the product. The investment of money would be the cost of getting visitors to the programs website, and there are many free ways to do this if you are on a tight budget.

2. And You do Not Need to Stock Inventory

As an affiliate marketer, one of the biggest advantages you would have over most businesses is you are not required to stock or handle any of the inventory. This is handled by the merchants and alleviates the time normally taken to maintain every aspect that goes along with inventory. This frees up your time to concentrate the majority of your efforts on marketing the product.

3. The Sky is Your Income Limit

The earnings that a successful affiliate marketer can make are unlimited. Getting and keeping your website up to a high page ranking generally assures you of plenty of sales. This could take a little time and with a few tweaks here and there on your website, could help to improve the conversion factor of traffic to sales. Fine tuning your website would be considered time well spent to help expand your sales.

4. You Could Conduct Your Business Anywhere in the World

As an affiliate marketer, you are not limited to any area to conduct your business. Imagine sitting on a beach anywhere your travels will take you, conducting business. The internet has broken down all the barriers of marketing globally. This was not possible a few years back. As long as you have an internet connection you can operate your affiliate marketing business anywhere you choose.

5. This Business is Virtually Risk Free

As with any business venture we enter into, there is an element of investment risk involved. As we mentioned earlier in this article, affiliate marketing does not need a lot of monetary investment, making this type of business just about risk free. The major investment is your time and
everything associated with making money requires time. The major portion of your time is required at the outset to get everything set-up and once this is in place a few updates here and there is all that's required.

6. Most Traditional Businesses Do Not Operate 24-7

Most traditional businesses do not operate 24-7 but as an affiliate marketer, you do. Doing business globally means you are open for business 24 hours/day, 7 days/week or 168 hours/week. You can be on vacation, in the gym, walking your dog or sleeping, it really doesn't matter what you are doing, your commissions keep arriving.

7. How About Not Having a Weekly Payroll

Even the small Ma and Pa stores are required to hire help because to compete in a small way against the large Corporations, who have descended into the marketplace in the past 20 years or so, they must stay open longer hours. This means wages have to be paid along with all the government ordered benefits. Being an affiliate marketer you will not require hired help until you get successful enough to offset some of the work. Whatever commissions you generated, you get to keep 100%.

Affiliate marketing can be a very lucrative on-line business as outlined above. Selection of the right products, the right merchants and the right markets is of paramount importance and should not be treated lightly.

In summation, affliliate marketing is a business that can be started on a shoe string, is open globally 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, does not require the marketer to control inventory, does not need to hire personnel and is virtually risk free of monetary investment. There is also no building overheads required because most marketers can work from home or wherever they may be traveling, providing they have an internet
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