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Long Copy - It's What Works

Mar 20, 2008
Trying to stay up to date with all of the new technology can sometimes be a hard thing to do. There are always two sides to everything and to doing certain things. Especially when it comes to blogging.

One question that a lot of bloggers have is whether or not using long copy on their posts is really a good thing. This has both pros and cons but many bloggers are recommending using long copy when it comes to blogging.

Lots of Benefits

There will always be debates about which is better--long or short copy. Especially when people these days have a hard time really reading a lot on sites. It should seem like short copy would be the right way to go. But there are a lot of people begging to differ.

One big benefit of long copy is the ability to put a lot of keywords in your content without making your copy seem too fake. If you have longer copy then you have a lot more space to sneek those keywords in where you need them to be. Especially if you are trying to reach that 8% ratio. Longer copy will help you get there a lot faster.

Try to Break It Up

When you add lists, bullets and sub titles to your blog article, it can really make long content seem a lot shorter. This can also fool the eye into thinking that something is actually shorter than it really is. Keep your sentences short and sweet and to the point while writing it too.

If your copy is really too long, it may be because it is full of long, wordy sentecnes. Your readers will most definitely not finish reading what you have to say. But if you are direct and to the point, it is easier to get across the information and they will have more reasons to read. Just think of the kind of blogs you would like to read and write like that.

Quality Counts

If you put limits on how many inches your content should be or how many words you are planning on writing, it can be constraining and make your writing a bit more choppy. You really want your readers to benefit from what they are reading. If it is hard to really get your point across in limited space, expand it.

Take time to clarify your thoughts and share your ideas deeply. Your readers will really benefit more when you you take a little extra effort and time to add in all the details. So don't be afraid to write more because if your readers are enjoying it, they will want to read more too.

If you have been accustomed to only posting short copy on your blog or site, why not try to expand your limits a bit and write a few extra paragraphs. And then see what kind of results you receive from your efforts. Just try it and see if it really does make a difference.
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