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The Ever Changing Internet Marketing Strategies

Mar 20, 2008
When most people first encounter and take an interest in affiliate marketing as a means of making money, the first thing they do is put up a few affiliate links on there homepage and think, Great! Now, I am going to make some easy money.

It doesn't take long for them to realize that they are going to have to get very lucky to even make one sale. At this point, once the get rich quick fog has cleared, you have two types of people left. There are the people who see affiliate marketing as a potential business opportunity, realizing it is time to get down to business and learn everything they can and there are the other people who just quit and wait for the next get rich scheme to come there way.

For those of you who realize the huge potential big profits is actually serious business, it would be a good idea to keep these tips in mind as you embark upon your journey.

Choosing the right affiliate programs to promote is extremely important.

You are going to be driving traffic, which you worked hard to get, to one of your affiliate websites, the last thing you want to do is send that traffic to a sales page that cannot convert that traffic into a sale.

Don't waste your money and hard work on traffic that goes nowhere.

Learn everything you can on how to know the difference between a dead sales page and one that will make the most of the traffic you send and turn that traffic into profits by learning how to convert that traffic to sales at the highest rate.

You also need to determine the profit potential of a perspective affiliate program.
I always choose affiliate programs with a payout above 33%. With that percentage of payout, you and anyone in your affiliate down line will only have to sell three to get it free.

An affiliate program with a payout of 33% will basically pay for itself.

This is important because the best traffic you can generate is from a product you have purchased and used.

Too much is too much.

Keep your websites simple and uncluttered. Studies show that when you give someone too many choices they tend to not make a choice at all. This does not mean that you should not market all the affiliate programs that you are interested in. It just means you need to have a website for each niche and break it down into small uncluttered pieces which are easily accessible.

You must have an forced opt-in page.

You should only leave someone that has found your website two choices, opt-in or leave. This concept seems to be a hard one for people to get. In fact, to many, it seems contrary to what you should do. Here is another way to look at it that might make more sense. You only have one chance when someone comes to your website to make a sale. If they leave, you most likely will never see them again.

So you want to capture your visitors first name and email so you can keep offering them all the information they need to realize the potential of what you are marketing.

Think of It this way. If someone will not give you their first name and email address at an forced opt-in page do you think they are going to give your affiliate their credit card number and other personal information? The only people you loose with an forced opt-in page are people that were not motivated enough in the first place.

An opt-in page shows interest to know more by your customer, offering you more than a one time chance to make a sale.

Make sure to follow up with your leads.

You will need a good auto responder to send your customers quality content through emails. Start off with setting your auto responder to send out an email every day for the first ten days. You might think this is too much, you might even think you would be annoyed if someone did this to you. However, you have to think like the average person, studies show that most people will not take action on their first visit.

Research shows, it usually takes up to nine points of contact before a person will respond with a sale.

Also, keep in mind, it will do no good if your emails are not grabbing them and calling them into action. Offer something limited, like a free video or tutorial that is for a limited time only. When you want people to return to your website you need to make it worth it so they will return right then And there. Once they have closed that email, you have lost them.

You need send to traffic to your website, without traffic you have no sales.

Make sure this traffic is targeted traffic.

You are not going to sell gardening supplies to someone that is looking for auto parts, all you are doing when you make your advertising too broad is waste your money and time.

Learn the latest advertising techniques, using the same old worn out approach along with all the other people that are still using the same old worn out approach is ridiculous. New marketing ideas are discovered everyday; you need to find quality and fresh information to learn from. Start looking for who is staying on top and seek out what they know.

These are just some of the important tips you should consider when starting out, as well as, if you have been at it for awhile. To stand out and remain a leader, you must keep up with the times and learn to adapt to the changing internet market. Knowledge is the key. So find out who has the best information and how to get your hands on it.

I am always learning. I am always hunting down more knowledge and learning from the best.

Last but not least, just do it! You can be sure, you will not get anywhere if you do not take action and you most definitely will succeed if you don't give up. Affiliate marketing takes time. There is no way around it.

Is it worth it? Absolutely! There are not too many other opportunities out there where just about anyone can go from nearly nothing to more than they ever dreamed possible in such a short time, as long as they understand that affiliate marketing is a real business and that knowledge is the key to success.
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