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Discover How You Can Learn to Motivate Your Team Effectively

Mar 20, 2008
Motivating a team, fellow employees or subordinates can be an interesting experience. There are many methods and strategies that one can use to motivate others.

"Life takes on meaning when you become motivated, set goals and charge after them in an unstoppable manner." - Les Brown

First method that one can use to motivate others is to be a good listener. A good listener here means ability to listen with sincerity to ones' needs. For example, the needs here can include the opportunity for individuals to develop and grow in the team. A leader can motivate his team members by giving roles and challenging tasks for the individuals who sees such opportunities as a way for them to learn, develop and grow with the team.

Secondly, motivation in the team can also include team leader understanding to create a conducive and supportive environment. The environment is crucial factor in encouraging and motivating fellow team members to work together. Here, such conducive and supportive environment can be created by encouraging healthy relationships among each other in the team. Healthy relationships here mean creating mutual understanding in working with each other which can include a culture of respecting each other opinions in the work.

Thirdly, motivation can include the significant of rewarding and recognizing individuals in the team for their efforts and contributions. One can learn greatly that in motivating others, rewarding others can be as simple as a token of appreciation given. Recognizing individuals' efforts can also include providing compliments or positive feedback such as 'Well Done' or 'Great Job'. Such feedback can enable individuals to be motivated and do their best in their work and effort. Other methods of recognizing work or effort can include sharing of exemplary attitude and work excellence during the team sharing sessions.

Apart from that, another method of motivation that one can use is to create avenues for individuals in the team to express their thoughts and feelings being in the team. Such avenues can includes providing a feedback box in the working area, setting an online survey or forum for team mates to share and express their feelings. Another avenue to express feelings and thoughts that can be very useful is a consistent sharing session among the team members. For example, before the team starts their work, they can sit down and reflect together as a team. Such reflections may include themselves thinking about working towards to improve their work, family and personal lives. Overall, one can realize here that motivation can play a significant part in working well together as a team.
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